Revolutionize Your Operations with Full-Service POS Solutions

Indulge in a harmonious blend of impeccable service and cutting-edge technology with GoTab's tailored POS solutions for full-service restaurants. Designed to enhance guest experiences, streamline operations, and optimize profitability, GoTab serves as the cornerstone for modern full-service dining establishments.

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Enhanced Operations

Experience unparalleled efficiency in full-service restaurant management. GoTab's intuitive  POS platform simplifies order processing, payment handling, table turnover, and staff coordination. Embrace streamlined operations to minimize wait times, reduce errors, and elevate restaurant productivity.

Hybrid-Service Models

GoTab offers full-service managers the versatility to shape their operations according to their venue's unique needs—whether it's high-touch, self-service, or a blend of both. This adaptability translates to enhanced cost-efficiency in labor and notably elevated sales per labor hour. Remarkably, establishments using GoTab maintain an average labor cost of just 25.82%, achieving an impressive $83 in sales for every labor hour, outperforming the industry norm by over 1.5 times.

Enhanced Guest Experiences

Our platform amplifies every facet of your guests' dining journey. With features like shared tabs, contactless ordering, seamless payment solutions, tailored promotions, and guest/server coursing, we enable you to craft unforgettable experiences that entice patrons to return to your full-service restaurant time and again.

Streamlined Online Ordering

Deliver an omni-channel dining experience with GoTab's Online Ordering. Seamlessly integrate with your existing POS and KDS, accepting holiday pre-orders and to-go purchases from various platforms, including your website, social media, and email, to enhance guest accessibility and satisfaction while letting you keep control of your profits.

Optimized Kitchen Operations

Integrating industry-leading practices in process engineering and culinary preparation, our KDS offers a suite of meticulously designed features for unparalleled kitchen efficiency. Special functionalities such as intelligent preparation cues, order grouping, and plating guidance prioritize each order's meticulous attention. Furthermore, with  features like item adjustments and voids within the KDS, your kitchen team can make informed, real-time decisions, granting managers comprehensive visibility into every operational aspect.

Real-Time Insights for Informed Decisions

Gain comprehensive insights with GoTab's Product Mix. Access real-time sales data, menu performance analytics, and reporting tools, empowering informed decision-making and transparency in daily operations, all from your smartphone or any internet-enabled device.

Streamlined Communication, Enhanced Connectivity

Foster seamless interactions between your front-of-house and back-of-house teams. GoTab's platform offers two-way text capabilities, customizable workflows, and secure communication logs, ensuring clarity and efficiency in guest and staff interactions.

"We first installed Go Tab last year at our biggest location. What was all very new to us was made easy with the hands on approach of the go tab staff during the install. We absolutely loved the team."

Kami L., Maui Brewing Company

Hardware Flexibility

GoTab provides an extensive suite of top-of-the-line point of sale hardware for your full-service  restaurant's needs. However, we understand that you may already have existing hardware in place. That's why our system is designed for seamless implementation on your current equipment. Whether you prefer our state-of-the-art devices or want to optimize your existing setup, GoTab adapts to your unique requirements for ultimate flexibility.

No Lock-in Contracts

With no lock-in contracts and compatibility with virtually any Internet-enabled hardware, our cloud based, user friendly platform is designed to enhance guest experiences and streamline operations, all while boosting your bottom line. Our contracts are  month-to-month so we have to win your business again and again. You can run our system on a tablet, a Windows pc, an Android or IOS device, it’s up to you; nothing proprietary needed. When it comes to your payment processing, we recognize that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, so our goal is to find the solution that best suits your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can GoTab support multi-location restaurants or franchises?

Absolutely. Our platform offers centralized management capabilities, allowing you to oversee multiple locations, streamline operations, and maintain consistency in guest experience and brand standards across all outlets.

Can GoTab assist in enhancing marketing efforts for my full-service restaurant?

From personalized promotions and loyalty programs to integrated email marketing and customer engagement tools, our platform empowers you to attract, retain, and engage customers effectively.

Does GoTab offer analytics and insights for decision-making in full-service restaurants?

Our platform offers detailed reports on sales performance, menu popularity, guest preferences, and more, enabling you to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and drive profitability.

Does GoTab offer a handheld POS?

Yes! The GoTab Pocket POS works the same as a stationery POS system. Servers using the GoTab handheld POS can 86 items, rush and delay orders, adjust stock levels, process credit card and debit payments and more. And because the Pocket POS is sized to be carried easily to any location on venue, your staff get the ultimate flexibility to address guests’ needs in the moment, without having to jot down orders, take notes or adjust orders at a POS station.

Can GoTab's POS system integrate with existing hardware in my full-service restaurant?

Yes, GoTab's POS system is designed for seamless integration with various hardware configurations, including existing equipment in your full-service restaurant. Our platform ensures compatibility and offers flexibility to adapt to your specific requirements, minimizing disruptions and maximizing operational efficiency.

How does the GoTab restaurant KDS work?

Full-Service Restaurants gain numerous benefits when using the GoTab Kitchen Display System. With dedicated spots and ordering zones, the GoTab KDS lets the kitchen know the location of every order submitted. That means the kitchen can handle the order in the most efficient way possible, and expedite orders to the front-of-house using the KDS interface. Unlike traditional KDS systems, the GoTab KDS allows the kitchen to communicate directly with the guest via two-way text communication. This dramatically streamlines communication so order questions get resolved quickly and guests have up-to-date information on their orders (when needed). In-app support allows the kitchen to talk directly with a GoTab customer service representative, getting fast answers and resolution to any issues that arise.

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