Elevate Your Brewery with GoTab's Brewery POS Solutions

Exceptional customer experiences are at the heart of every successful brewery. That's why we've crafted a suite of brewery POS solutions tailored to enhance every aspect of your brewery. Whether you're serving your guests in your taproom, on the patio, using self-pour technology, or partnering with food trucks, GoTab's Brewery POS empowers you with the tools to optimize every interaction. With GoTab, you can take control of your brewery operations, redefine the guest experience, and set a new standard for excellence in the brewing industry.

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Enhanced Brewery Experience

Elevate your patrons' experience with GoTab's intuitive and efficient brewery solutions. From mobile ordering to seamless payments, we enhance every aspect of their visit, all while boosting your bottom line and enhancing hospitality.

Brewery-Centric Technology 

We put your guests at the center of everything we do. Our POS  is designed to enhance every aspect of their brewery experience. From contactless ordering and payment options to personalized promotions and real-time communication, we empower you to create memorable moments that keep guests coming back to your brewery for more.

Streamlined Taproom Operations

GoTab is your key to operational efficiency. Our intuitive platform simplifies every aspect of brewery management, from order processing and payment handling to inventory and staff coordination. By streamlining your operations, we help you minimize wait times, reduce errors, and boost overall  productivity. Embrace a new level of efficiency with GoTab and watch your brewery thrive.

Tailored Loyalty Programs

Enhance your brewery's competitive edge by understanding guest preferences, spending habits, and return rates. Our loyalty programs gather valuable data and allow you to tailor promotions to individual customers, creating a personalized and rewarding experience that keeps guests returning to your brewery.

Complete Hardware Flexibility

GoTab provides an extensive suite of top-of-the-line POS hardware for your brewery’s needs. However, we understand that you may already have existing hardware in place. That's why our system is designed for seamless implementation on your current equipment. Whether you prefer our state-of-the-art devices or want to optimize your existing setup, GoTab’s POS adapts to your unique requirements for ultimate flexibility.

No Lock-in Contracts

With no lock-in contracts and compatibility with virtually any Internet-enabled hardware, our platform is designed to enhance guest experiences and streamline operations, all while boosting your bottom line. Our contracts are  month-to-month so we have to win your business again and again. You can run our system on a tablet, a Windows pc, an Android or IOS device, it’s up to you; nothing proprietary needed. When it comes to your payment processing, we recognize that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, so our goal is to find the solution that best suits your business. 

Inventory Management

Knowing actual inventory depletion by the taproom in the brewery is super helpful in understanding both market demand and building the brew schedule. Did you know you are overpaying your excise taxes if you do a significant taproom volume? Excise taxes should be paid on volume sold from the POS, not the volume transferred to the taproom. A small 1,000 annual barrel taproom would save $5,000 per year.

"Your tech support is ridiculously amazing! Being able to contact tech support from my expo kiosk is a game changer."

Steve Tressler, Assistant General Manager at FlyteCo Tower Brewing

Responsive Kitchen Operations

Prompt, responsive service is the keystone of great guest experiences. That’s why we work collaboratively with brewery operators  to connect the front-of-house with back-of-house through our kitchen display system (KDS). The GoTab KDS offers unique capabilities like smart prep times, order batching, and plating guides to make sure every order gets the attention it deserves. If you don't sell food in your taproom, you're likely partnering with local food trucks or nearby restaurants. Our KDS can ensure food truck orders run smoothly too.

 Real-Time Reporting, Full Transparency

GoTab's Product Mix is indispensable, allowing managers to search for products and options. With this feature you can drill down to view your most successful menu sections or dive into specific categories to compare individual item sales. Our cloud-based platform gives you anytime access to daily sales and product mix summaries with full data and handy reporting tools. Managers can also view tabs, instantly refund or close open tabs from anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do brewery mobile tabs work the same as other venue types?

Yes, brewery mobile tabs work the same in GoTab as our mobile tabs for other venue types. Guest can open a digital tab at your brewery by simply scanning a GoTab QR or tapping a GoTab NFC. They can associate their debit or credit card with their tab to place orders in your tap-room, on your patio, at an on-property food truck or anywhere else you would like to provide food and beverage service. Guests then close their tab directly through GoTab and can simply walk out without having to stand in line or flag down a server. They never need to download an app and all of their orders and payments are tracked for future retrieval within GoTab. Guests who prefer to start their order with a server can use EasyTab. This unique feature allows your server to dip or swipe a credit or debit card

What is a brewery digital tab?

A brewery digital tab is an open check that guests can use to place orders for food and beer at a brewery. With systems like GoTab, guests can also place reorders against the existing check. This has the benefit of making it easy for guests to get what they want when they want it. From a brewery perspective, reorders against an existing digital tab or check has the added benefit of reduced transaction fees because the guest is able to keep the tab open until all orders are placed.

Is GoTab a brewery mobile payment app?

Yes. However, GoTab does not require an app download on the guests’ phone. Because GoTab is a cloud-based platform, guests can access all the benefits of using GoTab through their web browser.

How does GoTab compare to the typical brewery ordering software?

While it is used in all manner of hospitality establishments today, GoTab was originally created to help breweries run more efficiently. As a result, GoTab has a wealth of features designed specifically to benefit brewery operators. We’ve offered contactless/QR ordering and payment since 2018, long before brewery ordering software providers made the feature available in their systems. In fact, we were built from the ground up to support contactless ordering, which means the feature is built seamlessly into our system. That means that a tab/check a guest opens on their mobile device is accessible via the GoTab all-in-one POS. Guests and servers can share the same tab. Guests who prefer can order, reorder and pay without having to stand in a line, or wait for a server. Guests who prefer to order through a server can come up to a bar or flag down a server. Even better, guests and servers can blend the two experiences depending on their preferences. Other features like order zones (allowing operators to extend ordering to remote outside areas), batch ordering (which allows the kitchen to fulfill orders from the same spot at the same time together), multi-vendor (allowing integrated ordering of 3rd parties while on-venue) make GoTab a perfect solution for breweries looking to increase revenue and reduce costs while giving their guests an improved guest experience.

Does GoTab only accept brewery digital payments?

No. The GoTab system allows all forms of payments, contactless/QR, dip/swipe through our handheld payment terminals, or cash.

What features does the GoTab brewery KDS provide?

The GoTab brewery KDS is built to work seamlessly with our full suite of restaurant commerce platform solutions. Our Kitchen Display System will help you run a lean, profitable operation because it makes it easy for you to optimize both front-of-house and back-of-house operations. Key features in the GoTab brewery KDS includes: Dine-in, online or 3rd party ordering through a single interface; Real-time menu updates; 86 menu items from the KDS; Screens and printer integration to work the way you want; Expo or prep mode to help the kitchen be more efficient; Rush and delay orders to optimize ordering timing and communication with guests; Batch orders to make food and beverage delivery of orders to your guest tables more efficient; Flexible routing to ensure orders are sent to the most efficient fulfillment spot within your venue; Two-way text communication with guests; In-app support via one-tap in the app; No additional cost for operators using the GoTab restaurant commerce platform.

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