Arryved vs. GoTab

Today’s breweries need a new breed of POS and we’re here for it. Check out our comparison of the two platforms to help you decide.

A POS that Grows with Your Business

What to Consider When Choosing a POS Provider

Staff Optimization

Staffing is a perennial challenge in breweries and it’s all the more difficult when dealing with peak traffic times. With GoTab, you can flex your service model from counter service, to table-side, or guest-initiated orders at the table or patio from QRs.

Tap Room Experience

According to Secret Hopper, guests that get high engagement with staff generally spend 30 percent more. GoTab gives your servers the tools they need to get out from behind the bar and prioritize the guest experience. Shorter lines increase orders. It’s just that simple.

Kitchen Management

We make it easy to integrate food, whether it's through an on-site kitchen or a food truck or nearby restaurant. With GoTab, your guests get a unified ordering and payment experience for food and beer, beer orders are routed to your bar, food orders are routed to the kitchen/food truck.

Responsive Support

When you're running a busy shift or slammed with an event, it’s never ok to have to wait for customer support. That’s why GoTab keeps your hours. That means you’re bound to get a response from a real person virtually 24 x 7, 365 via phone, chat or in-app messaging.

Comparison Details: GoTab vs Arryved


When it comes to pricing you can rely on both GoTab and Arryved to be upfront with you about the fees and monthly costs.

GoTab offers a range of products and features that cater to all types of breweries.
Here's how GoTab saves you money:

  • You won’t get charged extra for vital features or support that streamline your business
  • You can purchase your own hardware or buy GoTab-branded hardware, so you can reduce your startup costs if that is an area of concern
  • You can run “Open Tabs” which allows staff and guests to order and reorder off one tab throughout their visit so you save on processing fees
GoTab’s Processing Fees and Pricing Information

Arryved has competitive processing rates and offers different platform fees depending on the amount of devices your location needs. Arryved does not charge extra if you want to use certain features, which can make their pricing model really competitive.

Real-Time Support

GoTab and Arryved both offer support. However, there are some key differences when it comes to real-time support.

GoTab's round-the-clock support is available via phone, SMS, chat (accessed through the KDS and Manager Dashboard), or email with an average 4-minute response time. GoTab offers you a dedicated support team that consists of hospitality professionals who are well-versed in the intricacies of GoTab and running successful breweries. Our support team is sourced in-house, so they will always understand your issues. In addition, GoTab offers comprehensive support articles allowing you to always have the answers you are looking for at the tip of your fingers.

  • GoTab offers 24/7x365 support with a real person
  • Onboarding team to get your operation up and running
  • Team dedicated to training you on our system
  • Dedicated account manager to help you post go-live

Arryved offers excellent round-the-clock support from service professionals just like GoTab. They offer phone and email support and will answer you really quickly. However, GoTab’s in-app and text support expedites your conversations and allows you to continue focusing on your business while still chatting with a member from our team.

Guest Experiences

GoTab differentiates by placing a strong emphasis on granting guests the freedom to choose their experience. Guests are not limited to ordering from servers or standing in long lines. Our hybrid service capabilities enable servers to add items to guest-initiated orders from anywhere on the premises and process payments on their behalf. 

GoTab guest coursing enables guests to course their meals directly from their QR orders, and servers can further edit it on the POS. Additionally, Easy Tab allows servers to start a guest's tab on their end and share it with them, allowing guests to place orders from the table and bypass any account creation process. GoTab helps you turn tables faster with tab sharing and split payment which allows guests to checkout on their own. They never have to wait for a server to order another beer, or close out their tab. Guests also don’t need to “do the math” to share their charges with friends.

Kitchen Operations

GoTab places an emphasis on tailoring its kitchen display system (KDS) to work for all types of operations. Whether you are a bar or brewery choosing to only serve drinks, or a full-service brewery serving all types of food and beverage, GoTab has a solution for you.

  • Product Management: 86ing, disabling, and setting stock levels on products.
  • Shared Tab Control: guests and servers can order and reorder from the same check. 
  • Frictionless Ordering: guests can open a check, share it with friends, then split payment and leave without flagging down a server.
  • Two-way Texting: clarify orders, update order status, it’s all integrated when your guests order from their phone.
  • Customized Displays: tailor each display based on where it is located and configure in a way that helps staff be most efficient.
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Complex Operations

GoTab is tailored to work particularly well for breweries that have a kitchen, or offer food through partnerships with food trucks, or nearby restaurants. Because of GoTab’s cutting-edge mobile ordering and payment, integrated POS, RFID Pass support, two-way text communication, and Marketplace solution, we are the optimal solution for operations with any level of complexity.

Let's break this down together:


GoTab has best-in-class integrations so you can keep innovating. We work with best of breed solutions so that it can flexibly fit your location, allowing for a continued focus on the core real-time operational experience.

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How We Stand Apart

Our cloud platform and open APIs will give you the tools to grow your business means we have a very different DNA - an eCommerce centric DNA. Here are just a few scenarios where GoTab offers an advantage:

When Staffing is a Challenge

When You Have a Large Space

When You Have a Kitchen or Food Trucks On-Premise

When Omnichannel Ordering is a Priority

When You Can’t Always Be There

Grow With Us

GoTab and Arryved both provide excellent solutions tailored to your specific needs. GoTab is perfect for streamlining kitchen operations, delivering exceptional guest experiences and scaling a growing brewery business.

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Bottom line … we are making a lot more money than we did previously. The amount of work that managers have to do with GoTab is so much less than any other legacy system.

Doug Tuggle

General Manager, The Brig DC

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