Get Setup to Sell Online

Connect with guests and improve your bottom line with GoTab’s retail & e-commerce solutions. You can make it easy for guests to order and buy your products online. Add e-commerce capabilities to your existing website or mobile app. Or plan to integrate with a new website or app that you are looking to launch.
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Simplify Operations

Your GoTab ecommerce site provides all the features you need. You can sell popular branded merchandise like gift cards, apparel and accessories. Depending on local regulations, you can even customize your GoTab site to sell beer, wine, and cocktails-to-go. And when the weather grows cold, your guests can reserve in-venue experiences too. For example, outdoor fire pits, cornhole games and other special reserved spaces are very popular. And you can do it all through a single, integrated ecommerce site.

Targeted Marketing

  • Sell your merchandise and experiences with a branded retail & eCommerce site.
  • Market food, wine & spirits orders more effectively with the flexibility to bundle and discount items and spin up special offers at will.
  • Apply up-to-date customer data to your marketing campaigns to segment the most valuable customers and execute automated email marketing, digital media, paid social, and SMS campaigns for opted-in guests.
We have been able to optimize our culinary operations and handle an exponentially higher volume of orders thanks to GoTab’s technology This has led to robust sales and a 240% increase year-over-year in F&B revenue, which is truly a feat given the current global pandemic.

Service Type
Retail Marketplace, Grocery, Takeout, Curbside-Pickup, Delivery
  • Contactless Ordering & Payment
  • Restaurant Commerce Platform
  • GoTab KDS & Printer Integration
  • Printed Packing Slips
  • Cloud Deployment
  • No Long-Term Contract or Monthly Fees
  • No App Download Required
  • Two-Way Text with Guests

Flexible Ordering

  • Enable shipping and delivery through Postmates, self-operated delivery or shipment.
  • Let your guests book their preferred pickup date and time and receive customized pickup instructions using GoTab’s scheduling capabilities. If their plans change, your guests can easily adjust their pickup time and location.
  • Sell your products in-store and online, and keep all stock levels up-to-date through integrated inventory management. You can even manage reserved inventory for items that are scheduled to be purchased at a future date.

Two-Way Text with Guests

  • Keep your guests informed with two-way text communication. Guests receive text order confirmations via GoTab. Front-of-house and back-of-house expo areas can communicate with guests about order changes, out-of-stock items, or special instructions. For example, if a guest is planning to pick up alcohol, you can remind them in advance to be prepared to share a valid photo ID.
  • Use “GoTags” to organize your products and create an easy-to-use, sortable system for guests to browse. Guests can filter by tags such as “Vegetarian,” “Vegan,” and “Gluten-Free,” and more for an easy shopping experience. Even highlight your favorite items with tags such as “Top Seller” or “Chef’s Favorite”.

Real-Time Reporting

  • Access sales and performance data with reports generated in real-time
  • Sales Dash
  • P-Mix
  • Accounting
  • Feedback
  • Inventory
  • Revenue Center