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Online Order Aggregation

GoTab Online Ordering Aggregation consolidates orders from all your third-party marketplaces into one place. Yes, you can get rid of all of those extra tablets. What’s more, you can update all your menus in real-time on a single system.
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Take Control with All Your Online Orders in One Place

Streamline Orders

Manage all third-party marketplace orders in one place.

Take Control

Edit dollar amount, percentage markup per category and item or store for each marketplace within seconds.

Manage it All in One Place

Receive all third-party orders in the GoTab POS with full integration to the KDS and printers.

Simplify Your Life

Expedite with ease from a single system that consolidates all orders in one place.

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How GoTab Online Order Aggregation Works

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    Map Menus to Any Marketplace

    Because it’s all in the GoTab POS, you can adjust everything such as items, modifiers, pricing and more in one place.

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    Edit & Publish Your Menu to All Online Channels

    After connecting GoTab, you can edit your menus and connect to multiple online partners.

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    Make Instant Updates in One Place

    Your GoTab catalog and menu items flow seamlessly to third party marketplaces. 

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    Control Order Flow

    Manage order volume, time of day or dollars spent on a store-by-store basis.

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Say Goodbye to Busy, Cumbersome Online Order Aggregation

Customize Online Menus

Use GoTab’s native features for 86-ing menu items and modifiers or updating inventory levels to keep your online marketplace orders in sync.

Integrate with the GoTab KDS

Get all the features of our KDS including order batching, flexible routing, two-way text communication with guests and more.

Adjust Locations and Seasonal Hours

It’s easy to adjust business and seasonal hours automatically in third party marketplaces so you can eliminate redundant tasks.

Manage from Anywhere with the Manager App

Designed for ease and visibility, GoTab’s Manager Dashboard App empowers you to run your business better, whether on- or off-premise. Access everything on-the-go wherever you have a cell signal.

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Elevate Your Guest Experience with GoTab

By aggregating your orders in the GoTab POS, you can declutter your work spaces and significantly streamline online ordering fulfillment since everything is maintained in a single system.

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Extend Your Brand

Share what you're all about with your guests! Create unique benefits associated with your most popular items, communicate new changes to your company, and connect with more guests.

High Touch Hospitality

Take orders anywhere your guests desire. With our Pocket and Phone Only POS, every front-of-house team members can take orders and secure payment from anywhere; on- and off-premises.

Increase Revenue

More orders, less overhead. Frictionless ordering helps increase average check sizes while minimizing extra work for servers.

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