Elevate Fine Dining Experiences with GoTab POS

We help fine dining restaurants redefine the essence of exceptional guest experiences. Our comprehensive suite of Fine-Dining POS solutions, encompassing cutting-edge tools such as our Kitchen Display System (KDS) and Pocket POS, seamlessly integrates into the fabric of your establishment. The result is a dynamic environment where every facet of service is meticulously optimized to elevate the dining experience for your esteemed guests.

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Guest-Centric Technology

At the core of GoTab is a commitment to enhancing your guests' fine dining experience. From seamless payment options to personalized promotions and real-time communication, our platform empowers you to craft memorable moments that foster guest loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Tailored Dining Experiences

Craft individualized fine dining experiences for your patrons through GoTab's dynamic and customizable features. From personalized menus to tailored recommendations, the system allows for a culinary journey as unique as each guest, leaving a lasting impression in the world of fine dining.

Operational Excellence

Elevate your fine dining experience with GoTab's intuitive platform that simplifies every aspect of restaurant management. Optimize order processing, payment handling, table turnover, and staff coordination to minimize wait times, reduce errors, and boost overall productivity. GoTab propels your fine dining establishment to a new level of operational excellence.

Real-Time Reporting, Full Transparency

Gain insights into your fine dining restaurant's performance with GoTab's indispensable Product Mix feature. Access daily sales and product mix summaries, drill down to view successful menu sections, and utilize reporting tools for comprehensive data. Managers can view tabs, refund, or close open tabs remotely, ensuring full transparency in your fine dining operations.

Responsive Kitchen Operations

Achieve prompt, responsive service in the fine dining experience with GoTab's collaborative kitchen display system (KDS) and management tools. The kitchen display system combines process engineering and culinary expertise, offering features like smart preparation, order batching, and plating guides. Empower kitchen staff with auditable 86’ing, comping, and voiding, while providing managers full transparency.

Hardware Flexibility

GoTab recognizes the importance of flexibility in fine dining. While providing a suite of top-of-the-line POS hardware, our system seamlessly integrates with your existing equipment. Choose between state-of-the-art devices like the Pocket POS, or optimize your current setup, adapting GoTab to your unique requirements for ultimate flexibility in your fine dining establishment.

Efficient Service Experience

GoTab's intuitive and user-friendly platform gives your fine dining guests the optionality they demand. Boost service efficiency and increase staff productivity with a system that simplifies the ordering experience for both patrons and staff, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable dining experience.

"GoTab’s Pocket POS greatly improves service efficiency. The time saved sending orders in tableside has been a boost to average table spend and has reduced table turn time."

Mike Gleason, Operations Manager, Oskar Blues Homemade Liquids and Solids

No Lock-in Contracts

Experience the freedom of month-to-month contracts with GoTab, designed to enhance guest experiences and streamline operations without restrictive commitments. Run our system on the device of your choice, with no proprietary requirements. When it comes to payment processing, we tailor solutions to suit the unique needs of your fine dining business.

Online Ordering

GoTab's omnichannel approach extends seamlessly to online ordering, integrating with the POS and KDS. Accept orders from your website, social media, email, or any platform where you engage with guests, providing a cohesive online experience tailored to the sophistication of your fine dining establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Kitchen Display System work for fine dining venues?

Fine dining restaurants gain numerous benefits when using the GoTab Kitchen Display System. With dedicated spots and ordering zones, the GoTab KDS lets the kitchen know the location of every order submitted. That means the kitchen can handle the order in the most efficient way possible, and expedite orders to the front-of-house using the KDS interface. In-app support allows the kitchen to talk directly with a GoTab customer service representative, getting fast answers and resolution to any issues that arise.

How does the handheld POS help my fine dining operation?

GoTab's Pocket POS revolutionizes fine dining restaurant operations. This portable device allows your staff to take orders, process payments, and manage tables from anywhere in the establishment. What’s more, because of its size and versatility, it’s as if the server is taking their orders by hand. The handheld POS enhances efficiency, reducing the time it takes for servers to input orders and improving overall service speed, all while fitting in your pocket.

What are the most important features of a fine dining restaurant POS?

For a fine dining restaurant POS, the most important features include an intuitive interface for quick order processing, efficient tracking to minimize errors, seamless payment processing benefiting both staff and guests, real-time inventory control, table management for optimizing turnover, and customization options for tailored menus and promotions. Robust reporting and analytics provide comprehensive insights, and our digital tab feature enables servers to send tabs directly to guests' devices for convenient and flexible payment options, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Does GoTab integrate with my reservation system?

Yes, GoTab is designed to integrate seamlessly with various reservation systems, including OpenTable. This integration ensures a synchronized flow of information between your reservation system and GoTab's platform.

Do I have to change my hardware to work with GoTab?

No, you don't have to change your hardware to work with GoTab. Our platform is hardware-agnostic, meaning it can run on various devices such as tablets, PCs, and phones. This flexibility allows you to leverage your existing hardware or use our state of the art hardware, reducing the need for significant changes and ensuring a smooth transition to GoTab's innovative solutions.

I use a different restaurant payment system. Do I have to change my payment provider to work with GoTab?

GoTab can work with a variety of payment providers. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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