Drive Success with GoTab's Food Truck POS System

Elevate your food truck's guest experience and efficiency with GoTab. Our dedicated Food Truck POS solutions streamline customer orders and payments while giving vendors control over their business. From loyalty programs to flexible payment solutions, we increase customer satisfaction, drive sales, and enable you to grow your business.

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Streamlined Food Truck Operations

Discover unparalleled efficiency with GoTab, streamlining every aspect of your food truck operations. From order placement to payment processing, our platform is designed to enhance your workflow, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for both you and your customers wherever you decide to operate.

Omnichannel Ordering 

Aggregate all your orders seamlessly, whether they come from your POS, online platforms, at a kiosk, or at your counter. Enjoy a unified system that streamlines order processing, providing you with a centralized approach to manage orders from various sources.


Put your customers at the heart of your food truck experience. GoTab's technology is designed to enhance every aspect of their journey, offering contactless solutions, personalized promotions, and real-time communication. Create memorable moments that keep customers coming back to your food truck for more.

Communicate Better

Connect with your customers anytime, anywhere. Build repeat visits and attract new patrons with special clubs, two-way communication, email marketing, and SMS. GoTab's POS and KDS enable operators to ensure clear communication, providing updates on order status and facilitating quick and efficient substitutions.

Deliver Speed and Efficiency

Guarantee swift and responsive service, the foundation of exceptional food truck experiences. Partner with GoTab to provide seamless guest ordering and fulfillment. Our KDS provides intelligent prep times, order batching, and additional features, ensuring meticulous attention to each order.

Let Guests Easily Share Tabs

Transform your food truck's dining experience with Easy Tab. Let customers effortlessly share tabs, dividing bills based on their preferences. No more separate checks or Venmo and PayPal struggles. Easy Tab puts control in their hands, making the ordering experience a breeze for their entire party.

Loyalty and Marketing

Foster customer loyalty with GoTab's loyalty programs. Encourage repeat visits, reward your regulars, and build lasting relationships. Our platform provides a seamless way to implement and manage loyalty programs tailored to your food truck's unique offerings.

GoTab’s Pocket POS greatly improves service efficiency. The time saved sending orders in tableside has been a boost to average table spend and has reduced table turn time. The KDS has streamlined our kitchen operations and increased order accuracy massively. Add the seamlessly integrated QR system and it’s a killer combination!

Mike Gleason, Operations Manager, Oskar Blues Homemade Liquids and Solids

Ready to Scale  Your Business?

It’s all possible with the GoTab platform. Run our system on a tablet, Windows PC, Android, or iOS device – the choice is yours. Our platform is designed to be compatible with a variety of Internet-enabled hardware, providing you with the flexibility you need. Ready to go big? We’re here for it with a full suite of software and hardware tools for whatever you want to achieve with your business.

Real-Time Data Access and Reporting

Gain insights into your food truck's performance with GoTab's real-time reporting. Access daily sales and product mix summaries, search for top-performing menu sections, and view tabs for instant refunds or closures. Our cloud-based platform offers full transparency and handy reporting tools for effective business management. What’s more, our app is free and ready for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does GoTab's Food Truck POS enhance customer satisfaction?

GoTab's Food Truck POS streamlines operations, offering a unified ordering experience, flexible payment solutions, and efficient communication tools. This leads to quicker service, personalized experiences, and increased customer satisfaction.

Can I operate my entire food truck business using just my phone with GoTab's POS?

Absolutely! GoTab's Phone-Only POS empowers you to manage your entire food truck operation, from orders to payments, directly from your phone. No need for additional card readers – it's all at your fingertips.

What makes GoTab's Food Truck POS ideal for kitchen operations?

Our responsive Kitchen Display System (KDS) ensures prompt service. With features like smart prep times, order batching, and plating guides, you can efficiently run your kitchen without sacrificing control, enhancing the overall customer experience.

How does GoTab simplify shared tabs for food trucks?

GoTab's EasyTab feature makes sharing tabs a breeze. Customers can effortlessly split bills according to their preferences, eliminating the hassle of separate checks. It's the ultimate flexibility for a seamless dining experience.

Is GoTab's Food Truck POS compatible with existing hardware?

Yes! GoTab's platform is designed to run on various devices, including tablets, Windows PCs, Android, and iOS devices. There's no need for proprietary hardware, providing flexibility and convenience for your food truck setup.

What sets GoTab apart in terms of loyalty programs for food trucks?

GoTab offers robust loyalty features, allowing food truck operators to create personalized promotions, reward loyal customers, and build lasting relationships. This helps drive repeat visits and enhances overall customer loyalty.

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