A POS for Multi-Unit Brand Control and Local Flexibility

With multi-level menu management and comprehensive cloud capabilities, GoTab is your powerful POS platform for successfully managing multi-unit restaurants, breweries, and hotels. Empowering you to take control and set a new standard for modern hospitality excellence.

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Multi-Level Menu Management

Centrally manage and optimize mobile menus across your entire enterprise.National-, Regional-, or Local-Level Management empowers managers with real-time access to control what’s important in their local market.Maintain consistent brand standards with as many layers as your hierarchy requires.Customize prices & descriptions; inherited menus shared with each unit to allow local name name and price changes.

Streamlined Operations

GoTab is your key to operational efficiency. Our intuitive platform simplifies every aspect of hospitality  management, from order processing and payment handling to table turnover and staff coordination. By streamlining your operations, we help you minimize wait times, reduce errors, and boost overall productivity. Embrace a new level of efficiency with GoTab and watch your business  thrive.


We put your guests at the center of everything we do. Our platform is designed to enhance every aspect of their dining experience. From contactless ordering and payment options to personalized promotions and real-time communication, we empower you to create memorable moments that keep guests coming back  for more.

Hardware Flexibility 

GoTab provides an extensive suite of top-of-the-line POS hardware for your business needs. However, we understand that you may already have existing hardware in place. That's why our system is designed for seamless implementation on your current equipment. Whether you prefer our state-of-the-art devices or want to optimize your existing setup, GoTab adapts to your unique requirements for ultimate flexibility.

Enhanced Communication

GoTab’s end-to-end hospitality management platform ensures your front-of-house and back-of-house stay in sync. Features like two-way text capabilities make it easy to connect directly with your staff and guests. Use our templates to create standard workflows to send alerts when mobile orders are received or are ready for pick up. Customize messages to specific guests to clarify order details or remedy issues. All communication occurs within the GoTab platform, securely maintaining a log of messages and guest contact details. 

No Lock-in Contracts

With no lock-in contracts and compatibility with virtually any Internet-enabled hardware, our platform is designed to enhance guest experiences and streamline operations, all while boosting your bottom line. Our contracts are  month-to-month so we have to win your business again and again. You can run our system on a tablet, a Windows pc, an Android or IOS device, it’s up to you; nothing proprietary needed. When it comes to your payment processing, we recognize that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, so our goal is to find the solution that best suits your business. 

Accounting Flexibility

Access and manage aggregate and localized accounting information. Reduce management overhead.Emphasis on flexibility, efficiency, accessibility gives you everything you need to centrally run, monitor, and measure your multi-unit operation.

“The GoTab team is always available for us and extremely responsive. We constantly ... work with them to expand features that are most helpful to us, which is truly something other platforms are not willing to do.

Keem Hughley

Responsive Kitchen Operations

Prompt, responsive service is the keystone of great guest experiences. That’s why we work collaboratively with restaurant operators  to connect the front-of-house with back-of-house through our kitchen display system (KDS) and kitchen management tools. 

The GoTab KDS combines best practices in process engineering and food and beverage preparation to provide a suite of carefully calibrated features that help operators run kitchens efficiently without sacrificing manager control. Unique capabilities like smart preparation , order batching, and plating guides make sure every order gets the attention it deserves. With auditable 86’ing, comping and voiding within the KDS, you can empower kitchen staff to make decisions on-the-fly while giving managers full transparency into every action.

Open, Cloud Platform Scales with Your Business

Leverage a trusted network of accounting, staffing, enterprise resource management integrated partners and more.Make real-time updates from anywhere with simply a mobile device.Maintain product inventory, update menus in real time, and create localized menus on-the-fly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does GoTab support multi-unit operations?

With features like multi-level menu management, centralized control, and localized customization, you can maintain consistent brand standards across all units while allowing individual locations to cater to specific market demands.

Can I customize menus for different locations?

Absolutely! GoTab's multi-level menu management allows you to customize menus at various levels — national, regional, or local.

How does GoTab enhance operational efficiency across multiple units?

Our platform streamlines operations by providing real-time insights, simplifying order processing, and ensuring seamless communication between front-of-house and back-of-house operations.

What hardware options are compatible with GoTab for multi-unit setups?

GoTab offers hardware flexibility. While we provide state-of-the-art POS hardware solutions, our platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing equipment.

Is there a long-term contract commitment for using GoTab across multiple units?

No, GoTab values flexibility and trust. Our contracts operate on a month-to-month basis, allowing us to continuously earn your business.

How does GoTab support online ordering across multiple units?

GoTab's Online Ordering feature enables you to accept orders directly from your website, social media channels, email, or other digital platforms.

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