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Experience Unparalleled Efficiency

Focus on guest interaction and service quality with GoTab Payments. Guests have the option to order and pay on their own, or enjoy a hybrid experience by utilizing a server-assisted system with text and shareable QR codes. Seamless check closure and settlement are possible for both servers and guests. Experience quick and secure payment with our digital wallet feature.
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GoTab Helps You Run Lean, Profitable Operations

Flexible Payments

Efficiently process card payments right at the table or wherever your guests are located. Simply dip or tap the card to complete the payment.

Tab Control

Effortlessly manage tabs on the go, regardless of your location within the establishment. Easily split tabs, merge tabs, and assist customers with closing out.

Hybrid Service Model

Implement a hybrid model that empowers guests to settle their tabs conveniently through their phones or opt for a traditional server-assisted check-out process.

Guest History

Provide guests with the flexibility to receive a printed receipt whenever they require one. With no app required, guests can enjoy complete access to itemized receipts from GoTab venues.

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GoTab is the best solution for mobile ordering and payment. It has given us the tools to pivot during this past year, and we’re excited to evolve our hospitality service model to blend technology and in-person hospitality, particularly for our luxury clientele.

Camilo Rivera, GM, The Delegate
Camilo Rivera

General Manager of The Delegate

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    Guests Pay Their Way

    Let your guests pay how they want, at any time! Reopening and creating new tabs has never been easier. Let your guests feel comfortable by allowing them to order that extra round or close their tab themselves. By managing their check, they are in control!

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    Keep Tabs Open

    Guests can take their tab from the bar or patio to their table, try new items, and explore the menu on their schedule. Guests are encouraged to keep a running tab while enjoying all of your offerings.

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    Frictionless Re-Orders

    Why stop at three courses? Encourage your guests to try new dishes, continue ordering, and sample as many menu items as they like at their own pace. It’s easy: they have a POS in their hand.

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    Payment Flexibility

    Allow guests the option to choose how they would like to pay. Guests can manage their tabs or close out with wait staff. Our flexible payment system allows them time to split payments, manage different forms of payment, and share tabs with friends.

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Unlock the Power of Efficient Payments

Seamless Transactions

Guests can effortlessly make payments using their preferred digital payment, such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay, or Mastercard Pay.

Guests Split Payments

Guests have the option to invite their friends to their tab, making it easier to divide the cost of meals. They can conveniently split the bill by paying for a single item, multiple items, or a specific dollar amount.

Tab Control

Easily access and manage tabs from today or previous timeframes. Take advantage of a range of actions, including refunds, closing open tabs, and reviewing attempted or failed payments.

Coupons, Discounts, and Gift Cards

Foster guest loyalty and engagement by offering enticing special promotions and gift cards, ensuring that they keep coming back for more.

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Payment Solutions for Every Business

Achieve seamless payments for both guests and servers, simplifying the process for everyone involved.

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Run your kitchen operations more efficiently and set expectations with your guests whether the order is placed via a QR code or with a server.

Guest Experience

Give guests the option to choose how they want to be served. Guests can enjoy self-service via mobile ordering and payment or if they prefer, have a server at the table.

Scale with Reduced Labor

Handle reduced labor by giving power back to the guests and empowering them to place orders on their own.

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