A Hotel and Resort POS with Maximum Flexibility

GoTab for hotels and resorts elevates guest experiences, unlocks new revenue streams, and optimizes food & beverage operations. With a suite of Hotel & Resort POS solutions and seamless integrations with popular property management systems (PMS), guests can indulge in the full range of your property's offerings. We provide the flexibility to support all service modes: from in-room services to poolside drinks, rooftop parties to traditional restaurant dining, we’ll help you set a new standard in modern hotel guest experience.

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Winning and Retaining Loyal Hotel Guests

Always connected guests expect more. That’s why your hotel amenities have to exceed their expectations. Start by giving them the convenience of a DoorDash and Instacart for purchasing onsite amenities. Add the speed and efficiency of in-room orders. Follow up with on-demand food and beverage service at the on-site places they congregate and dwell. It’s all about adopting an omnichannel approach that gives you more opportunities for higher TRevPAR, while making it all seamless for your guests and your staff.

Omnichannel Versatility 

How do our hotels and resorts adopt an omnichannel approach when their legacy systems are everything but? Retooling legacy systems is all too often a bridge too far. That’s why we focus on giving hotel and resort operators the tools they need to augment and enhance their legacy platforms, not replace them. Our Hotel & Resort POS provides maximum flexibility while also integrating with popular PMS systems to up-level guest experiences while maintaining legacy tech investments and all of the services they effectively provide.

Seamless Guest Experiences

With a Hotel & Resorts POS platform that enables frictionless ordering and payment, you’ll boost order volume and TRevPAR without adding new hardware to your hotel & resort

  • Create beautiful digital menus with high-quality photography and video to showcase food and beverage and merchandise offerings.
  • Add QR codes to guest rooms and remote or traditionally difficult-to-serve areas like poolside, courtside, on the rooftop or even from the slopes to allow your always-connected guests to browse and order at their leisure. 
  • Leverage GoTab Pass RFID cards and bracelets, to run sophisticated one-tap payment with customized card limits and privileges.
  • Customize menu items, schedules and more and route orders to the optimal fulfillment station.
  • Tab sharing, splitting, payment, and always-available receipts make it easy for large parties to square up at the end of the event, drinks or a meal, saving your staff valuable steps and time swiping cards and delivering receipts.

Take Orders from Everywhere

Our Pocket POS is smaller, faster and more affordable than other handheld POS solutions on the market because it leverages the best in consumer electronics. Front-of-house staff prefer a phone-like device, and the Pocket POS is just that. Instead of bulky hardware that requires a hardware lock in, this device does everything a full counter POS can with a 6.6 inch screen, and optionally can also function as a “check presenter” to be given to a guest to pay, split, or provide feedback unattended.

Integrated Online Ordering lets you eliminate third-party commissions and increase your profit margin. Seamlessly accept orders from your website, social media channels, email, or any other platform where you interact with your guests.

Zones let you set up customized menus, workflows and dedicated revenue centers for streamlined reporting and analysis across your hotel and resort. You can optimize service for all kinds of physical spaces, like a restaurant bar or patio; room service or poolside; or an affiliated bar or restaurant that is nearby. We’ll help you ensure the right order gets delivered to the right location every time. And with full transparency and management controls your team has the autonomy to run their operations their way while maintaining consistent operations.

Manage Operations from Anywhere

Our cloud based POS software and native GoTab Manager App enables hotel and resort managers to run their operations better, whether on-premise, or on the go allowing them to centrally control menus, inventory, zones, and schedules across multiple locations. Managers can change rules and notice displays for discounts, promotions or business updates on a conditional or regularly scheduled basis and easily manage guest loyalty through advanced segmentation.

Streamline Communication

GoTab’s end-to-end hospitality management platform ensures your front-of-house and back-of-house stay in sync. Features like two-way text capabilities from the POS and KDS make it easy for hotels & resorts to connect directly with front-of-house staff and guests. Use our templates to create standard workflows to send alerts when mobile orders are received or are ready for pick up. Customize messages to specific guests to clarify order details. All communication occurs within the GoTab platform, securely maintaining a log of messages and guest contact details.

Prompt, responsive service is the keystone of great guest experiences. That’s why we work collaboratively with hotel and resort operators to customize our deployment to exactly what’s needed.

Fast and Responsive Kitchen Operations

Prompt, responsive service is the keystone of great guest experiences. That’s why we work collaboratively with hotels and resorts to connect the front-of-house with back-of-house through our integrated kitchen display system (KDS) and kitchen management tools. 

The GoTab KDS combines best practices in process engineering and food and beverage preparation to provide a suite of carefully calibrated features that help operators run kitchens efficiently without sacrificing manager control. Unique capabilities like smart prep times, order batching, and plating guides make sure every order gets the attention it deserves. With auditable 86’ing, comping and voiding within the KDS, you can empower kitchen staff to make decisions on-the-fly while giving managers full transparency into every action.

"The GoTab POS is great for affecting labor costs & efficiency of the guest ordering process"

Andre H., General Manager

Real-Time Reporting, Full Transparency

GoTab's updated Product Mix is indispensable, allowing managers to search for products and options to drilldown to view most successful menu sections or dive into specific categories to compare individual item sales. Access daily sales and product mix summaries with data and reporting tools, and set up Accrual and Deposit-based accounting streams. Managers can also view tabs, instantly refund or close open tabs.

Increase Labor Efficiency

GoTab gives hotel and resorts the flexibility to run their food and beverage services the way that works best for their venue: high-touch, self-service, or a hybrid of the two. The beauty of this approach is that each venue can empower their staff with the autonomy to make smart decisions for the business. It also improves their bottom line. GoTab venues carry an average labor cost percentage of 25.82% and produce an average of $83 in sales per labor hour. Their average labor cost percentage is in range for high-performing restaurants and their sales per labor hour exceed the industry average by more than 1.5X.

We believe these metrics demonstrate that hospitality venues using the right technology solutions optimally deployed for their unique service models can streamline operations and generate more revenue, ultimately delivering higher profits and healthier bottom lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a Kitchen Display system in a hotel?

Hotels gain numerous benefits when using a Kitchen Display System. With a system like GoTab, guests can place orders from virtually any location that they can place a QR. Whether it’s in a guest room, at the bar, at the poolside, or in a conference room. That makes it all the more important that the kitchen knows where an order is going when it is placed. With the GoTab Kitchen Display System, the order’s destination is automatically associated with its ticket in the system. This will allow the hotel kitchen to expedite orders with the highest level of efficiency and quality.

Does GoTab offer handheld hotel & resort POS technology that I can use ?

Yes. GoTab offers a handheld POS that integrates with our restaurant commerce platform. Hotels can use our handheld POS to place orders and take payment. And because our handheld POS integrates seamlessly with GoTab’s solutions for hotels, your guests get the flexibility to pay directly through their tab or have the charges applied to their room.

How does GoTab hotel & resort mobile payments work?

Hotel mobile payments in GoTab work the same as general GoTab mobile payments orders. Guests simply open a tab using their credit or debit card. Guests can easily add to their tab throughout their visit at your hotel. When they’re ready to leave, guests can simply close out their tab and walk out; no need to wait in line or flag down a server. Guests can also choose to have their orders charged back to their room via integration with common Property Management Systems (PMS).

Can my guests open a digital tab at my hotel?

Yes. Guests can open a digital tab at your hotel. When they scan a GoTab QR or tap an NFC, they can associate their debit or credit card with their tab to place orders at your bar, at your restaurant, for in-room dining, or anywhere you would like to provide food and beverage service. Guests can close their tab directly through GoTab, or charge their orders back to their room via integration with your PMS.

Does GoTab integrate with my hotel PMS?

GoTab Hotel & Resort POS has seamless integrations with StaynTouch, Mews, and has a wide range of integrations under way. For an up-to-date list of approved integrations, visit GoTab Integrations or contact your GoTab account manager.

What are the benefits of using QR ordering at hotels & resorts?

Hoteliers can use QR ordering to enable guest ordering and payment at virtually any location they would like. Whether poolside, at a rooftop bar, at the lounge or in-room dining, GoTab allows you to quickly create new revenue streams without having to add any new hardware or wiring. Using GoTab segments, hotels can also offer their guests personalized offers and discounts. For example, airline employees with special entitlements can access their benefits via a dedicated QR code. These are just a few examples of how QR ordering for hotels works. Contact us to learn more about how GoTab can help your hotel increase revenue while providing a satisfying guest experience.

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