Guest dining and paying at table.

Sleek, Powerful Pocket POS

The GoTab Pocket POS is the ultimate handheld point-of-sale ordering and payment device for busy servers on the go. With a larger screen, longer battery life, and smaller form factor than virtually any other order and pay-at-table device in the market, your staff will have maximum utility to place orders, take payment, and communicate with the front- and back-of-house from anywhere.
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Keep Hospitality Front and Center - For the Moments that Matter

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Tableside Convenience

Staff can take orders and payment from the entire restaurant and beyond, saving countless steps.

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Guest Centric Service

Small format that is almost invisible to guests.

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Pay-at-Table Efficiency

Drop the device at the table so guests can split, pay and tip-out at their convenience.

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Effortless Order Entry

The speed and accuracy of a mobile POS without the bulky hardware.

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Restaurants shouldn’t have to choose between staying busy or delivering a great guest experience. With our Pocket POS, we’re unlocking significant operational efficiencies, enabling servers to communicate with the front- and back-of-house from anywhere and equipping them with the tools needed to manage tabs table-side and meet guests where they are for a personalized, seamless dining experience. It’s the easiest solution for servers navigating a fast-paced dinner rush while driving unmatched hospitality.

Camilo Rivera, GM, The Delegate
Tim McLaughlin

CEO and Co-Founder

How the GoTab Pocket POS Works

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    Centering Your Guest in the Moments that Matter

    Beyond your ambiance, food and beverage, and quality of service, the ordering process and payment of the check are two of the most important moments that shape your guest experience. With the GoTab Pocket POS, you can make each of these moments fast, personal and seamless.

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    Personalized, Guest-centric Convenience

    The GoTab Pocket POS keeps the tech in the background so your service stands out. Staff can communicate with the back-of-house tableside, eliminating cumbersome walks back-and-forth to communicate with the kitchen, allowing your guests' issues and concerns to be addressed at the moment.

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    A Digital Check Presenter at the Table

    No more awkward moments for your guests selecting a tip in front of their server. Drop With Flip-to-Pay on the GoTab Pocket POS at the table and it turns into a virtual check presenter. G, guests get to review their tab, and select the tip amount and split and pay and leave feedback as well. they prefer at their discretion. Best of all, your guests quickly receive their order confirmation right to their mobile device!

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    Customized Customer-Facing Display

    When it’s time to pay, the GoTab Pocket POS transforms into a customer-facing display. Your guests can privately and securely view their check, add a tip, and close their tab all on the same device. Best of all, the device is locked from other POS and admin functions.

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Key Features of the GoTab Pocket POS

Pre-Auth and Start Tabs Tableside

Order anything from the menu by starting a new tab or adding onto an existing order. Authorize new tabs directly from the device to ensure a payment is always attached to a tab. Search and browse for menu items the same way as the stationary POS. Change menu views in “spots and menus” in the GoTab mobile POS app settings.

Full Payments Flexibility

Accept all payment forms directly at the table. No need to have physical cash drawers to accept cash. Easily accept contactless tap to pay. Set up GoTab Pass RFID cards or wristbands.

Manage Products and View Sales Reports

Retrieve full sales metrics directly from the Pocket POS. And with full product management flexibility, you can quickly adjust inventory levels, 86 items, or set product delays.

Built-in Manager Features

Clock in/out, send and place new orders, menu management (86 & disable items; set product delays), and inventory management.

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Sleek, Powerful and Pocket-Sized

With GoTab’s powerful, pocket-sized POS, your servers can easily navigate the entire restaurant and beyond, allowing them to engage with guests without the hindrance of clunky hardware or complicated POS user interfaces. It is almost as if they are taking orders by hand. The beauty of the GoTab Pocket POS is that instead of a chunky device or a notepad where orders can be misplaced or misunderstood, servers get the speed and accuracy of a mobile POS without the clutter. When hardware takes a back seat to the ordering experience, your servers can maintain the personalized service your guests value.

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High Touch Hospitality

Take orders anywhere your guests desire.

Self-Serve Versatility

Let guests pay at their leisure with a customized flip-to-pay.

Sleek and Stylish

A beautiful, sleek design that is a pleasure for guests and staff to use.

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