Ignite the Eatertainment Experience

We understand that the key to success in the eatertainment industry is delivering exceptional experiences to your guests. That's why we've designed a comprehensive suite of POS solutions tailored specifically for the unique needs of eatertainment venues. Whether for on-premise activities, live performances, or immersive dining experiences, GoTab's POS solutions empower you to optimize operations, redefine the guest experience, and set new standards of excellence in your operation.

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Guest-Centric, Designed for Entertainment

We put your guests at the center of everything we do. Our POS is designed to enhance every aspect of their eatertainment experience. From contactless ordering and payment options to personalized promotions and real-time communication, we empower you to create memorable moments that increase check averages, reduce service overhead and keep guests coming back to your venue for more.

Ultimate Convenience with Tab Sharing

Enhance your eatertainment experience by offering your guests the ultimate flexibility to enjoy their meal just the way they like it. With GoTab, patrons can effortlessly share tabs on mobile devices with their fellow diners and divide bills according to their preferences. No more hassle over separate checks or concerns about reimbursement. Whether they prefer to split the bill item by item, per person, or by a specific dollar amount, GoTab gives them complete control over their dining experience, making it a breeze for everyone.

Personalized Service, Activated

Guests can book and pay for reservations online and when they check in on the day of their reservation, a tab will automatically be created for them with their purchase and payment info stored. The frictionless experience will allow guests to check in faster, start ordering, and have fun right away.

Streamline Orders with Guest Mobile Order & Pay

Whether by the bowling alley, mini golf course, the bar, or the game area, guests have the ability to use mobile ordering where they can keep the party going and enjoy all the hospitality your venue has to offer.

Fast, Efficient Operations

GoTab is your key to operational efficiency. Our intuitive platform simplifies every aspect of eatertainment operations, from order processing and payment handling to table turnover and staff coordination. By streamlining your operations, we help you minimize wait times, reduce errors, and boost overall  productivity. Embrace a new level of efficiency with GoTab and watch your eatertainment venue thrive.

No Lock-in Contracts

With no lock-in contracts and compatibility with virtually any Internet-enabled hardware, our platform is designed to enhance guest experiences and streamline operations, all while boosting your bottom line. Our contracts are month-to-month so we have to win your business again and again. You can run our system on a tablet, a Windows pc, an Android or IOS device, it’s up to you; nothing proprietary needed. When it comes to your payment processing, we recognize that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, so our goal is to find the solution that best suits your business.

Smooth Kitchen Operations

The GoTab KDS combines process engineering and food and beverage operations best practices to help eatertainment venues  run kitchens efficiently without sacrificing service quality. Unique capabilities like smart preparation, order batching, and plating guides make sure every order gets the attention it deserves. With two-way texting capabilities, kitchen staff can message guests on-the-fly while giving managers full transparency into every action.

"I enjoy the fact that GoTab gives you optionality in your operating model ... GoTab allows us to pivot from a labor lite model to a full service model anytime necessary."

Gregg F. , Stone Brewing Company

Real-Time Reporting, Full Transparency

GoTab's Product Mix is indispensable, allowing managers to search for products and options. With this feature you can drill down to view your most successful menu sections or dive into specific categories to compare individual item sales or zone sales. Our cloud-based platform gives you anytime access to daily sales and product mix summaries with full data and handy reporting tools. Managers can also view tabs, instantly refund or close open tabs from anywhere.

Easy Communication

GoTab’s end-to-end hospitality management platform ensures your front-of-house and back-of-house stay in sync. Features like two-way text capabilities make it easy to connect directly with your staff and guests. Use our templates to create standard workflows to send alerts when mobile orders are received or are ready for pick up. Customize messages to specific guests to clarify order details or remedy issues. All communication occurs within the GoTab platform, securely maintaining a log of messages and guest contact details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GoTab an eatertainment POS system?

Yes. GoTab offers a POS with specific features that make running an eatertainment business more efficient and worry-free. Uniquely designed for large, complex eatertainment venues, our POS is the first system that places the guest (not the tech) at the center of the experience. That means guests get to order, reorder and pay all through their phone without having to download an app. But our system goes a step further to provide all of the most important features of a POS, with the added benefit of interacting seamlessly with mobile orders. For eatertainment venues, we offer features like a shared cart across all merchants for one-payment checkout, automatic merchant payouts and percent rent structures for owners, to name a few.

Can GoTab integrate with our existing systems at our eatertainment venue?

Absolutely. GoTab's cloud-based platform and open API mean it’s designed for easy integration with your current systems, including point of sale (POS) systems and membership reservations. This ensures a smooth transition and minimizes disruptions to your operations.

How do Eatertainment mobile payments work with GoTab?

Eatertainment mobile payments in GoTab work the same as general GoTab mobile payments orders. Guests simply open a tab using their credit or debit card. Guests can easily add to their tab throughout their visit at your venue. Then, when they’re ready to leave, guests can simply close out their tab and walk out; no need to wait in line or flag down a server. And if they forget to close out their tab, tabs can be automatically closed by GoTab at the operator’s designated local time. GoTab Pass also supports RFID cards and bracelets so guests have even greater control of their experience by, for example, setting spending limits, issuing connected cards to minors and others in their party. What are the benefits of using a Kitchen Display System (KDS) in eatertainment venues? Instead of handling manual tickets in the kitchen, the eatertainment venue’s KDS allows the kitchen to efficiently manage order fulfillment, providing complete transparency and visibility into the timing and accuracy of the orders. The kitchen displays can be customized to each merchant’s unique operation. With GoTab for eatertainment you can streamline merchant’s kitchen operations, communicate via two-way text with guests, 86’ items directly from the KDS and much more.

Does GoTab offer handheld technology that my eatertainment venue can use?

The GoTab Pocket POS works the same as a stationery POS system. Servers using the GoTab handheld POS can 86 items, rush and delay orders, adjust stock levels, process credit card and debit payments and more. And because the handheld POS is sized to be carried easily to any location on venue, your staff get the ultimate flexibility to address guests’ needs in the moment, without having to jot down orders, take notes or adjust orders at a POS station.

What are the most important features in an eatertainment point of sale system?

The digital tab is the most powerful feature a restaurant point of sale system can offer. Digital tabs allow eatertainment operators to give their guests complete control over their ordering and payment experience. And because the digital tab travels with the guest, guests get to order what they want, when and where they want it. Two-way text communication is also an important feature as it allows the quickest way to clarify ordering questions and ensure the guest knows what to expect in terms of fulfillment time.

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