More Than a Point of Sale (POS)

The POS that centers the guest experience. Tabs stay with your guest within the four walls and offer a seamless experience online. A powerful, customizable system that brings together your FOH and BOH.
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A POS Designed for DeliveryTM

Reduce Costs

GoTab operators improve labor efficiency by up to 30-50%. Reduce errors and voids with shared tab control and smart kitchen management. GoTab offers competitive, transaction-based processing fees.

Grow Revenue

Operators who use GoTab see on average 20% higher tips, 35-50% higher check averages, and 25% faster table turns. Make your operation stronger, and tackle staffing challenges.

Improve Guest Experience

Guests set the pace of their experience with frictionless, guest-centric ordering & payment technology.

Fast & Flexible

Both guests and servers can order or pay at any time so you can adapt as quickly as your shift changes.

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By providing such an easy and straightforward access to performance indicators and sales data, the GoTab POS allows us to make swift operational changes that have an immediate impact on our bottom line.

Camilo Rivera, GM, The Delegate
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General Manager

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    Tab Control

    Shared tab control changes the game. Exclusive to GoTab, both guests, and servers can order, and with Easy Tab guests take their tab with them right from a counter or bar. Staff can make more money while focusing on experiences, not unnecessary work.

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    Hybrid Service Models

    Assign QRs and spots to servers, letting them focus on the guest experience and ultimately increasing the number of sections they can support without adding more steps.

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    Easy Tab

    Make the dine-in ordering experience even more convenient by bridging traditional service models with guest-led ordering.

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    Seamless Transactions

    Guests can pay using their digital wallet including Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay or Mastercard Pay.

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Key POS Features

Easy Tab

Your guests are free to move, order and reorder, without having to wait for a server. Servers can add orders to the same tab, and communicate with guests through the platform. Servers can cover more tables with less effort, increasing their capacity and also their tips.

Zones and Spots

Create new sources of revenue, or maximize existing revenue streams, all with no extra software or fees. Set up as many zones as you need, and change them on the fly. Once set up, use Zones to control settings like hours, tip prompts, or menu item availability.

Handheld POS

All the features of our all-in-one POS in a pocket-sized format that gives your staff unlimited flexibility. Staff can view open and closed tabs directly from this durable mobile POS. They can easily comp, void, refund and discount items at tableside. They’ll save countless steps while serving large parties and events since they can effortlessly split, move, and merge guest tabs on-the-fly.


With over 30 partner integrations across the restaurant tech ecosystem, GoTab functions as a true aggregator of the best inventory and restaurant management platforms, point of sale and payment platforms, third-party delivery and reservation tools, marketing automation and customer engagement platforms, as well as HR and staffing softwares.

Solutions for Every Scenario

With the GoTab POS, you'll get the flexibility to serve your guests the way you want. Whether traditional table side, or a hybrid model where guests take control, it's all available with the GoTab POS.

Server Coursing

Efficiently space out courses based on guests’ unique preferences

Guest Coursing

Allow guests to take further control of their experience and pace their own meal

Reporting and Analytics

Get top line metrics and access your product mix straight from your POS.

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