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Enhance Guest Interaction

We give you the tools to connect with your guests anywhere, anytime. Build repeat visits and attract new guests with special clubs, two-way communication, email marketing, and SMS.
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GoTab Helps You Reach Your Guests

Guest Segmentation

Anticipate your guests' needs and reduce guesswork with notices or emails explicitly catered to them.

‍Guest Loyalty

Obtain first-party data to create a MugClub, offer specialty menus, or create coupons for your VIP guests.

Two-Way Text Communication

Clarify incoming orders, update customers on order status or substitutions quickly and efficiently.

Email Marketing

Create drip campaigns. Maximize your marketing efforts with rich data quickly and easily.

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Klaviyo was an easy choice because of the platform’s integration with GoTab and Shopify and all the automation possibilities. Guest relationships are crucial for us, and now we can personalize communications with our guests.

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Reach More Guests with Less Work

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    Build Your Brand

    Tell your guests what is essential to your company and showcase what your brand represents.

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    Start a Community

    Grow a loyal customer base and develop mutually beneficial relationships with your guests.

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    Create Regulars

    Grow guest appreciation by reciprocating with coupons and promotions to enhance the guest experience.

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    Keep Guests in the Loop

    Integrated email marketing helps you share news like new locations, special events and limited releases with your customer base.

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Features to Maximize Guest Engagement


Enroll your customers in segments to create targeted offerings. Efficiently manage the customers that fall into the group and send marketing emails powered by email and SMS marketing tools like Klaviyo.

Coupons and Discounts

Keep your guests coming back for more with specials, coupons, and discounts.

Integrated Email Marketing

Our integrated email marketing allows customer data to flow from GoTab directly into Klaviyo. Email your customers directly, share big announcements, and view email subscription lists.

Gift Cards

Extend your brand to more guests with easy-to-use e-gift cards and physical gift cards.

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Solutions to Drive Engagement

GoTab is committed to being an Open Data platform. Your guest data is yours to use. Deepen your relationship with guests and grow your business in the right direction.

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Extend Your Brand

Share what you're all about with your guests! Create unique benefits associated with your most popular items, communicate new changes to your company, and connect with more guests.

Communicate With Guests

Reach out to your guests in a way that best suits the situation. Use email marketing to share information with your contact list, use two-way texting to communicate about orders, or leave them a Notice on your menu.

Create Regulars

Build a strong community of guests that return time and time again. Appreciated guests will frequent your establishment and bring additional customers into your cultivated community.

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