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Route Tickets For Convenient Fulfillment

For complex venues with multiple bars, prep stations and kitchens, Product Routing allows you to send orders to the station where it’s best fulfilled. The benefit? Fewer steps for your food runners. Fast fulfillment for your guests. It’s just one more way GoTab helps you deliver a superior guest experience.
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Product Routing – A Smart Tool to for Smooth Service

Reduce Server Steps

When drinks and food orders get sent to the right station, servers get to spend less time running orders and more time engaging with guests.

Improve Guest Experience

Guests set the pace of their experience with frictionless, guest-centric ordering & payment technology.

Avoid Missed Orders

With orders routed to the right location, you can dramatically improve table service quality and guest experience.

Keep FOH and BOH in Sync

Kitchen and bar staff get to focus on fulfillment, not where the order is going. Increases efficiency for your expeditors too.

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When we switched to GoTab we were able to lower our labor cost percentage quite significantly but at the same time, I was able to increase wages 25% in 2020 and another 20% this year.

Camilo Rivera, GM, The Delegate
Kent Birdwell

Pitmaster at The Blue Pig

Run Orders More Efficiently Than Ever

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    Update Your Product Catalog

    GoTab makes it easy to manage your products with a user-friendly interface to manage all your product details. 

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    Identify Stations

    Determine the most efficient station to fulfill the order based on where the order is placed, either by a server on the GoTab POS or via QR code order at the table.

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    Assign the Fulfillment Location

    Simply assign the station where the order should be fulfilled. The order will be printed and ent to a station kitchen display system (KDS).

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    Run Your Orders!

    It’s a simple process to keep your routing up-to-date. It’s all available in the GoTab Manager Dashboard.

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Zones Bring it All Together

Map Zones to Revenue Centers

In GoTab, Zones are where you build out your different spots or sections. A zone can be a specific bar, a location on the patio, or even a take-out window.

Flexibility that is Virtually Unlimited

You can create as many zones as you need. Once they are set up, zones help you analyze sales performance at the granular level.

Customize Zone Settings

With GoTab Zones you can control settings like hours, tip prompts, or available menu items.

Track Changes and Activity

Once Zones are assigned, managers can track changes to any configured setting; i.e., tip prompts, available hours, etc.

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A Powerful Platform for Revenue Expansion

We're laser focused on helping operators clear more profit by delivering exceptional service and increasing average check sizes. Zones are a key way we make it happen.

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Reporting and Analytics

Get top line metrics and access your product mix straight from your POS.

86 Products/Modifiers

Make quick inventory adjustments on-the-fly


Run your kitchen operations more efficiently and set expectations with your guests whether the order is placed via a QR code or with a server.

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