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Kitchen Display System - Get Smarter Kitchen Technology

A one-of-its-kind kitchen management tool that is purpose-built to help your kitchen operation run more efficiently. The GoTab Restaurant Kitchen Display System (KDS) will help you run a lean, profitable operation, easily optimizing both front-of-house and back-of-house operations for your restaurant.
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Deliver Amazing Experiences With The KDS Kitchen Display System

Order Batching

Save your servers' steps and increase speed of service so orders get delivered at the right time.

Flexible Routing

Route orders to the right station – whether it's bar, dine-in, takeout, or delivery.

Two-Way Text Communication

Clarify incoming orders, update customers on order status or substitutions quickly and efficiently.

Real-Time Menu Updates

Run out of a menu item or a modifier? You can 86 menu items or update inventory levels right from the line.

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Bottom line … we are making a lot more money than we did previously. The amount of work that managers have to do with GoTab is so much less than any other legacy system.

Camilo Rivera, GM, The Delegate
Doug Tuttle

General Manager, The Brig DC

How the GoTab Kitchen Display System (KDS) Works

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    Managing Inventory Has Never Been Easier

    Get real-time data directly on the Restaurant Kitchen Display System so you can track counts, mitigate waste, and ensure staff trust.

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    Chatting with Your Customers is No Big Deal

    Use the Kitchen Display System to make order details clearer, and quickly tell your customers about their order status or changes in a fast and efficient way directly from the KDS, leading to improved communication and an enhanced experience.

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    Simplify all Your Orders on a Single Display

    Toss those third-party tablets, and focus on expediting all your restaurant orders from a single (KDS) Kitchen Display System screen, all while streamlining front & back of house operations.

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    Make Last-Minute Menu Updates

    If you run out of any menu item, your kitchen staff can remove it from the menu or update how much you have left directly from the Restaurant KDS. This keeps your menus correct everywhere, all from one screen.

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Key Restaurant Kitchen Display System Features

Station Overrides

Station overrides provide a way to direct orders to an alternate station/printer based on where the guest places the order. By setting a rule below, the product's default station (as defined in the menu management page) will be ignored and re-routed accordingly.

Customize Displays

Customize each display based on where it is located and configure them in a way that helps staff be most efficient. For example, bartenders may only want to see specific menus, view their seats in a map view, customize the number of category rows, and show menu prices.

Rush or Delay

Product Delays communicate slow kitchen times during the shift to your guests - prep time is displayed right on the menu – so guests always know if there’s extra time associated with their order. Rush orders get bumped to the top of the screen.

In-App Support

Have a question? Experiencing an issue? Our best-rated, restaurant-savvy customer support is ready and available via one tap in-app. Start chatting instantly with the GoTab team and get back to doing what you do best. Get help from real people 24x7.

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Run Your Kitchen Smarter

The GoTab Restaurant Kitchen Display System makes your kitchen work more efficiently. Its high-resolution screen with a color coded bump bar shows you which orders to work on first and if an order has been waiting for too long without being made.

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Guest Coursing

Allow guests to take further control of their experience and pace their own meal

Server Coursing

Efficiently space out courses based on guests’ unique preferences

86 Products/Modifiers

Make quick inventory adjustments on-the-fly

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