Elevate Casual Dining with GoTab's Fast Casual POS

Fast casual restaurants operate in a unique space, where speed and quality intersect. At GoTab, we understand the specific demands of the fast casual dining experience. Whether it's for quick, high-quality meals, efficient order processing, or enhancing the guest experience, GoTab POS is your recipe for operational excellence in the fast casual dining world.

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Streamlined Fast Casual Operations

Our Fast Casual POS makes managing your restaurant easier in every way. We make things run smoother so there's less waiting, fewer mistakes, and your restaurant can do more. Pick GoTab for great efficiency and watch your fast casual restaurant grow.

Guest-Centric Technology

Your guests are the heartbeat of your fast casual restaurant, and we put them at the center of everything we do. GoTab's platform is designed to enhance every aspect of their fast casual dining experience. From contactless ordering and payment options to personalized promotions and real-time communication, we empower you to create memorable moments that keep guests returning to your establishment for more.

Self-Ordering Made Easy

GoTab's self ordering kiosk revolutionizes the way you serve your customers, ensuring swift, accurate orders, and a streamlined dining experience. With our kiosk, your fast casual patrons have the power to place their orders seamlessly, make food modifications as they desire, and complete their transactions at their own pace. The result? Enhanced efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and the ability to serve more guests in less time.

Online Ordering

GoTab's goal is to provide fast casual restaurant operators with the tools and integrations they need to offer a seamless omnichannel guest experience. That's why we've developed GoTab Online Ordering, integrating with the GoTab POS and KDS. Accept orders from your website, social media channels, email, or any platform where you interact with your guests.

Enhanced Communication

GoTab's complete hospitality management system helps your fast casual restaurant's Front and Back of house communicate better. It has great tools like two-way texting so your POS and KDS, your team, and your guests can chat easily and quickly. With this system, you can set up ways to send important messages, write special notes for each guest, and keep all chats safe and recorded.

No Lock-in Contracts

Our focus on being flexible is clear in our easy-going contract options. We're happy to offer monthly agreements for fast casual restaurants, always working to earn your trust. Our system works great on many devices, like tablets, Windows PCs, and both Android and iOS phones, so you don't need special equipment. Also, we make our payment process fit just right for your restaurant. We work with you to find the best way to handle payments and give you important data about your orders, helping you make smart choices for your business.

Real-Time Reporting, Full Transparency

Empower your management team with GoTab's innovative Product Mix feature. It offers real-time analysis of sales and menu performance, granting you immediate insights. Utilize this tool to access detailed daily summaries of sales and product mix. It also provides you with extensive data and advanced reporting capabilities. With GoTab, you can effortlessly process refunds or manage open tabs from any location, ensuring complete control and transparency over your business operations.

We first installed GoTab last year at our biggest location ... We absolutely loved the team. It's ideal for what we do.

Kami L., Maui Brewing Company

Responsive Kitchen Operations

Running a kitchen well is key to a good fast casual dining experience. GoTab works closely with fast casual restaurant owners to link the front and house and back of house using our Kitchen Display System (KDS) and kitchen tools. The GoTab KDS uses the best ways to prepare food and organize work. It has features like smart preparation, plating guides, and order batching to ensure every order receives the attention it deserves.

Manage Everything From Anywhere

Get instant access to essential management tools with the GoTab Manager App, available for download on both the App Store and Google Play. This user-friendly app provides you with continuous access to vital information. Effortlessly manage your real-time menus, stay on top of schedules, and monitor inventory and stock levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a Kitchen Display System (KDS) for Fast Casual Restaurants?

Fast casual spots can really boost order precision and food quality with tailored automations in a cutting-edge KDS. Ditch paper tickets in the kitchen. Instead, use a fast casual KDS for slick order management. It offers full clarity on order timing and accuracy. GoTab's KDS lets fast casual managers set up several KDSs across different zones. Each zone gets its own setup, tailored to its unique needs.

How does GoTab’s mobile ordering and payment work in Fast Casual venues?

The typical fast casual restaurant might implement a QR code at every table. Consumers can then scan, order and pay with their mobile device. While QR codes can be a popular alternative for some, they’re not for everyone. That’s why GoTab also supports traditional ordering styles using the GoTab POS. It’s all about giving guests the options to order when and how they want.

Can I accept digital payments at my Fast Casual Restaurant?

Yes. GoTab provides everything you need to accept digital payments at your fast casual restaurant. Guests who want to place an order from their mobile device can use GoTab’s QR ordering and payment platform. Guests who wish to order in a traditional style can pay their tab with their digital wallet.

Can I accept cash on my Fast Casual POS using GoTab?

Yes. GoTab provides everything you need to accept cash payments at your fast casual restaurants. Guests who want to place an order from their mobile device can use GoTab’s QR ordering and payment platform. With no app download required, guests simply scan a QR code or tap an NFC chip to access the menu of all participating vendors, order and pay. For guests who want to order the traditional way using cash, GoTab offers a stationary and Pocket POS where servers can place orders and take cash payments and credit or debit card payments.

Does GoTab offer fast casual restaurants handheld POS technology?

Yes. The GoTab Pocket POS is the ultimate handheld point of sale ordering and payment device. The Pocket POS works seamlessly with the GoTab mobile ordering & payment solution and all our stationary POS displays.

How do fast casual mobile payments work with GoTab?

Fast casual mobile payments in GoTab work the same as general GoTab mobile payments orders. Guests simply open a tab using their credit or debit card or Apple Pay. Guests can easily add to their tab throughout their visit. Then, when they’re ready to leave, guests can simply close out their tab and walk out; no need to wait in line or flag down a server. And if they forget to close out their tab, tabs are automatically closed by GoTab at 3am local time.

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