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Colorado Brewers Guild’s Collaboration Fest

This 7,500-square-foot food hall is unique from all others in its surrounding area as it is home to the only rooftop bar and self-pour beverage wall in the neighborhood! Come check out their 57 self-pour taps where you can enjoy craft beverages, including beer, wine, ciders, sake, house-made cocktails, and non-alcoholic options. With 5 different food vendors, you’ll be able to pick from varying cuisines.

Best Practices
Tap Room Playbook Episode 5: Lean Into Growth

Breweries should always be thinking about growth, even if they’re not immediately looking to expand. We see a lot of small businesses in general get caught up on, where can we save money? How can we pinch this penny? When what they really need to be thinking about is instead of saving, how can we make more income? Because we can't save anything if we're not making anything.

Best Practices
Tap Room Playbook Episode 4: Wanna Be Right or Rich?

A lot of brewers start out as an avocation. Say, an entrepreneur has a successful exit and takes some of those earnings and starts their passion project of starting a brewery. That’s actually the way that GoTab got started. Our CEO, Tim McLaughlin, started his brewery after many years as a successful e-commerce entrepreneur.

Best Practices
Tap Room Playbook Episode 3: Be a Kick A** Brand

One of the distinguishing characteristics of a great brewery or tap room is that they always have a great brand. Breweries are actually some of the most creative branding people in the hospitality market at a micro level. The best breweries pay a lot of attention to what their brand stands for and make that come to life in their products, packaging, promotions and, above all, in their tap room.

Best Practices
Tap Room Playbook Episode 2: Check Your Experience

One of the most common areas that tap room managers recognize is that their experience is lacking because all they have the bandwidth to do is keep the place clean and put out good beer. When they really think about it, what they’re missing is the hospitality aspect of their tap room operations.

Best Practices
New Report Takes a Deep Dive into the State of Food Halls in 2023

Published by Garrick H. Brown of Brown Consulting, with writing and editing contributions from Ryan Berlinksy and Stefanie Ariganello of Cushman & Wakefield’s Colicchio Consulting team, the new report, The State of Food Halls 2023, examines the exceptional growth rate of this hospitality category – 55% since 2019 – and examines why it is on the rise.

Best Practices
Heads Up Brewery Pros: How to Change Your Point of View

We talk to brewery owners and tap room managers all the time about changing their POS. They come to us for a lot of reasons. Maybe their current POS is out of date and staff are complaining. Or maybe it’s just become too expensive and they want to see what the possibilities are. Honestly, we don’t really like talking about upgrading/changing POS.

News & Press
Hospitality Sector Becomes America’s Fastest Growing Employer

According to the Wall Street Journal, the leisure and hospitality sector is hiring at a significantly higher rate than other business sectors. It’s positive news for the sector, but also presents a challenge for restaurants and hotels: how to find hospitality staff and then, how to quickly get them onboarded and serving guests.

News & Press
Behind Company Lines Interviews Tim McLaughlin, GoTab Founder & CEO

Our CEO and Co-Founder recently talked with the Behind Company Lines Podcast where he talked about our design philosophy around restaurant and kitchen operations; i.e., as one part factory and another part artist’s studio. Because personal service is wonderful when it’s available, but disappointing when it’s not. Most of us go out with hopes that we’ll be taken care of, but it’s important that operators give guests the ability to take care of themselves if no server is available.

News & Press
Restaurant Tech Tamping Down Inflation Says, GoTab CEO via PYMNTS

We often talk with managers about how improving the efficiency of their operations; i.e., receiving orders and fulfilling them in the least costly way can be a damper on the high inflation we’re all experiencing. But sometimes those messages get lost in the sauce. It’s much simpler to focus on more direct and obvious ways of reducing restaurant inflation impacts, like menu engineering, and price increases.

News & Press
GoTab Unveils Manager App, Enhances On-the-Go Management

GoTab’s Manager App, which launched earlier this month in the App Store and on Google Play, is receiving kudos in the news. Feedback has been very positive, with coverage in the popular Food on Demand website. Food on Demand's coverage highlights features that allow hospitality managers to run many operational tasks from virtually anywhere using a mobile device.

News & Press
GoTab Launches Manager App

GoTab’s Manager App empowers operators to run their business better, whether they are on- or off-premise. Its mobile dashboard provides transparency into valuable reporting and analytics and gives operators total control over menu, kitchen and inventory management as well as real-time loyalty and discounts for improved guest service.

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