Enterprise POS for Better Guest Experiences

Every enterprise in the hospitality industry strives to enhance the guest experience to the highest degree. However, with the proliferation of digital touchpoints and the evolving preferences of consumers for integrated hospitality and entertainment experiences, leaves a significant void in the capabilities of most enterprise POS systems. That's where GoTab comes in. Our comprehensive range of capabilities is specifically designed for hospitality operators at the enterprise level to bridge this gap seamlessly. With our end-to-end digital commerce platform, we aim to revolutionize your guests' entire journey - from ordering and payment to fulfillment and logistics management, and much more.

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Guest-First Technology

As a cutting-edge Enterprise POS system, GoTab is dedicated to optimizing experiences and streamlining operations for the ultimate guest-centered journey. From fast casual to quick service, resorts to entertainment venues, we cover all areas of the hospitality industry. With a wide array of options such as QR codes, RFID Passes, and traditional POS, your guests will have the freedom to open a tab, order, and pay in the way that suits them best. Our goal is to provide maximum flexibility, enhancing guest satisfaction and driving higher check averages.

Open API for Endless Integrations

Rather than confining operators to our predetermined methods, our open API, which can be accessed at https://docs.gotab.io/, facilitates seamless integration with a wide range of modern technologies. This forms an integral part of our long-term strategy, which focuses on our core strengths and empowers customers to select superior solutions for all their other needs.

Frictionless Omni-Channel Selling

We revolutionize the guest experience by putting them at the heart of everything we do. With GoTab, guests have complete control over their orders and payments. They can choose to order and pay through our Online Ordering platform, through your staff using our stationary and Pocket POS, through a kiosk, or even their own mobile devices while on premises. Our tightly integrated kitchen displays and bi-directional messaging ensure smooth operations and efficient fulfillment. Guests never have to download a mobile app or remember passwords for ordering or payments. With Easy Tab, they can even skip setting up a card or account. 

Optimize Your Service

With GoTab’s versatile platform, you'll have the ability to optimize your operating models in the most effective way for your venue(s). Say goodbye to outdated Enterprise POS solutions that limit operational decision-making and make customers solely depend on servers to get what they want. At GoTab, our mission is to empower every guest and staff member, giving them the freedom and control to make sensible and convenient choices that suit their specific needs, all while maintaining the appropriate controls.

Your Data, Your Way, All the Time

With GoTab's innovative technology, you can unlock a treasure trove of valuable customer insights. By capturing first-party ordering data from every guest who orders on a tab or pays for a tab, you'll have access to a wealth of information that can fuel your marketing strategies and loyalty programs. Unlike other legacy Enterprise POS systems, we believe that the data belongs to you, which is why we never charge you to access it. So go ahead and collect exponentially more first-party data with GoTab, and watch your marketing efforts reach new heights.

Multi-Unit Operations Management

With GoTab's advanced capabilities, you have the power to tailor differentiated offerings at both the parent and location levels. This unparalleled flexibility empowers each sub-location to have complete control over the attributes they can modify, ranging from pricing to specials. This means that you can create unique and nuanced offerings between your stores, catering to the specific preferences and demands of each location. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches and embrace the ability to customize your offerings to perfection with GoTab.

Enterprise Scale for Kitchen Operations

To deliver exceptional guest experiences, prompt and responsive service is essential. That's where our integrated kitchen display system (KDS) and kitchen management tools come into play. Our GoTab KDS incorporates the best practices in process engineering and food and beverage preparation, offering a suite of carefully calibrated kitchen management features. These unique capabilities, such as smart prep times, order batching, and plating guides, ensure that every order receives the attention it deserves. 

“Something we’ve seen is an increase in satisfaction for the guest’s experience for our customers. The fact that someone can get a drink at their table without waiting in line to get it each and every time has been a huge bonus.”

Tony Ren, General Manager & Partner, Maui Brewing Company

Real-Time Reporting, Full Transparency

Managers can utilize GoTab's updated Product Mix to easily search for products and explore various options. They can drill down to view the most successful menu sections and dive into specific categories to compare individual item sales. With this feature, managers have access to daily sales and product mix summaries, along with data and reporting tools. They can also set up Accrual and Deposit-based accounting streams. Additionally, managers have the ability to view tabs, instantly refund or close open tabs.

Continuous Innovation

With a modern, cloud-based platform, public API for integrations, and a customer-driven product roadmap, GoTab’s Enterprise POS is an optimal solution for hospitality operators who are looking to future-proof their technology investments. Our cutting-edge platform is designed to meet the evolving needs of the industry, providing a seamless and intuitive experience for both operators and guests. By leveraging the power of cloud technology, our system offers unparalleled scalability, flexibility, and stability, allowing operators to easily adapt and grow their businesses. With our open API, operators can integrate with a wide range of third-party applications and services-whether home grown or commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), enabling them to customize and enhance their operations to meet their specific requirements. Whether it's streamlining operations, increasing efficiency, or improving the guest experience, GoTab's Enterprise POS is the ultimate solution for forward-thinking hospitality operators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Describe your typical enterprise customer?

Our versatile platform caters to operators in various sectors of the hospitality industry, ranging from casual dining to high-end restaurants, food halls, and even entertainment venues. With unmatched flexibility, GoTab provides a solution for every type of establishment. For instance, upscale restaurants utilize the GoTab Pocket POS, while casual eateries and bars opt for our POS and QR ordering and payment capabilities. Meanwhile, food halls embrace the convenience of our RFID-powered GoTab Pass, among other innovative use cases. Essentially, GoTab can be found wherever hospitality thrives. As our platform continues to evolve, it now extends its reach to include resorts, hotels, country clubs, ghost kitchens, pop-ups, catering services, and more.

How does GoTab compare with other Enterprise POS Solutions?

Despite the hospitality industry's return to pre-pandemic employment levels, we continue to face talent shortages, particularly in the back of house. Coupled with increasing wage rates and inflation, the inefficiencies in the hospitality sector have become unsustainable. At GoTab, we are revolutionizing the way restaurant tech providers operate by offering a platform that empowers everyone, from servers to line cooks, chefs, and GMs, to make informed decisions in real-time. We provide full transparency and auditability to mitigate risks. By enabling the right people to make smart decisions, we save time, streamline processes, and enhance guest satisfaction.

What are the benefits of using a Kitchen Display System (KDS) for Enterprise Restaurants?

Kitchen management and KDS systems are a proven tool to boost order accuracy and product quality. Say goodbye to manual ticket handling in the kitchen as our KDS efficiently manages order fulfillment, providing complete transparency and visibility into timing and accuracy. With the GoTab KDS, you have the power to customize the system to meet the unique needs of each venue while maintaining centralized control. Deploy multiple KDSs to as many zones as you need, with each zone receiving its own configuration tailored to specific requirements.

How does GoTab’s mobile ordering and payment work for enterprise?

GoTab's mobile ordering and payment capability offers incredible versatility. With the option to implement QR codes at every table, consumers can easily scan, order, and pay using their mobile devices. However, we understand that QR codes may not be suitable for everyone. That's why GoTab also supports traditional ordering styles through the GoTab POS, giving guests the freedom to order in the way that suits them best. Plus, our system allows servers and managers to access any guest-initiated order, ensuring seamless service from start to finish.

What are GoTab’s primary capabilities for Enterprise hospitality?

At GoTab, we go beyond just offering ordering and payment solutions. We are a comprehensive platform for restaurants and retail establishments, focused on enhancing guest experiences and improving operational efficiency. Our wide range of tools and features, including stationary and Pocket POS systems, kitchen display system (KDS), self-ordering kiosk, mobile ordering, RFID event card technology, payment solutions, and an extensive API, are designed to provide unparalleled customization options. Unlike traditional POS systems, we prioritize the guest by giving them full control over their experience.

Describe your customer support options for enterprise hospitality brands.

Our customer support staff are on shore and virtually always available via in-app chat, text, email, or phone. We understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service, which is why we carefully select our support staff from the industry. This ensures that they not only have deep operational knowledge but also possess a strong sense of customer empathy. Our dedicated team is committed to assisting you with any queries or concerns you may have, providing timely and personalized support. Whether you prefer to reach out through our user-friendly in-app chat, convenient text messaging, reliable email communication, or a direct phone call, we are here to ensure that your experience with GoTab is nothing short of outstanding.

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