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Run Your Shifts Better

Grow your business and get the information you need all from one place with the GoTab Manager Dashboard. Make last-minute shift changes, update menus, manage inventory, communicate with guests, and much more, all in real-time.
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Powerful Management Tools Anywhere You Go

Real-Time Menu Management

Enjoy flexibility and control over how your guests experience your menu. Set up daily, seasonal, and special event menus based on your business needs.

Kitchen & Inventory Management

Manage your inventory by updating levels and 86ing items on the fly. Dig into your daily sales with data and reporting tools.

Reporting & Analytics

The visibility you need to make smart decisions with first party ordering data that you own.

Loyalty & Discounts

Easily market to your segments via notices, and coupons or create drip campaigns with our Klaviyo integration.

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Staff have a good time at work because it’s so much easier for the managers and staff to pull off a great service. The overall morale of the team has improved.

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Manage Everything, Work Anywhere

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    Update Menus On The Fly

    Run out of an item? Not a problem. 86’ & disable an item, temporarily removing it from the menu as an option for guests.

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    Set A Schedule

    Setting a schedule on your menu can be helpful if you serve different menu items during different times.

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    Create Zones

    Create as many zones as you’d like to see sales areas separated by, or areas by which you may want to control different settings like hours, tip prompts, or menu item availability. Offer dining, takeout, and delivery service models.

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    Download the Manager App

    The GoTab Manager App makes every day, on-premise tasks, available right from your phone. That means you can get some “you-time” and still mind your business. Download the GoTab Manager App today in the App Store and Google Play.

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Key Features

Rules and Notices

Order rules allow you to set up various discounts and promotions that can be displayed or used based on various conditions. Notices can be used to highlight promotions, communicate any updates, or simply thank your guests for dining at your establishment.

Kitchen Inventory & Management

Manage your inventory by updating levels and 86ing items on the gly. Dig into your sales with data and reporting tools. Set up your restaurant for success by managing QRs and customizing each of your locations.

Sales Data and Reporting

View sales and orders summaries, breakdowns by zone, refund summaries, discounts and fees overview. Easily export the data you need to CSVs.

Product Mix

Dig deeper into your product catalog and see what has been popular. View product quantities, sales totals, and refunded amounts over various timeframes.

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Solutions to Power Your Business

Hospitality solutions to scale your business, manage costs and improve your guest experience. Connect your front-of-house and back-of-house with tools and features that you can easily customize to your needs. A single platform to grow your business.

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Run your kitchen operations more efficiently and set expectations with your guests whether the order is placed via a QR code or with a server.

Guest Experience

Give guests the option to choose how they want to be served. Guests can enjoy self-service via mobile ordering and payment or if they prefer, have a server at the table.

Scale with Reduced Labor

Handle reduced labor by giving power back to the guests and empowering them to place orders on their own.

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