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Memberships & Subscriptions

The best source of repeat customers are happy first-time guests. So what does it take to convince more first-time guests to return? Of course, it starts with great experiences. But beyond great service and quality product, savvy hospitality operators are raising their game with enticing guest memberships and subscriptions. With loyalty features for guests, and a new source of recurring revenue for your business, GoTab’s Memberships and Subscriptions are the perfect addition to your marketing toolkit.
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Reward Guest Loyalty While Improving Your Bottom Line

Seamless Sign Ups & Renewals

Full subscription and renewal functionality, seamlessly integrated with GoTab ordering & payments.

Reward Your Best Customers

Provide loyal customers the ability to join or subscribe to receive special privileges and benefits.

Drive Hi-Value Visits

Integrate email marketing and direct messaging to share limited time offers and releases, exclusive events and more.

Flawless Execution

Full integration with GoTab’s hospitality commerce platform means flawless execution for staff and guests.

How GoTab’s Memberships and Subscriptions Work

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    Create and Maintain Club Memberships Directly in GoTab

    Membership options are set up directly in the GoTab Product Catalog.

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    Sell Memberships Online or On-Premise

    No separate software or database needed.

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    Enable One-Time Enrollment or Auto-Renewing Memberships

    Flexible renewal terms offer maximum flexibility for guests: monthly, quarterly or annual.

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    Frictionless Guest Ordering and Payment Experience

    Members are automatically recognized; no separate cards to swipe or codes to enter.

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Key Membership and Subscription Features

Customized Loyalty Programs

Create loyalty offers that resonate with guests based on attributes such as specific item purchases, spend amounts or points assigned.

Dedicated Member-Only Menus

Offer exclusive access to secret menus, new product releases and more.

Offer Exclusive Access

Sell exclusive members-only events and activities.

Unique Discounts and Coupons

Configure members-only discounts and coupons on-the-fly.

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Turn Occasional Happy Guests into Loyal Fans

A positive advocate can do a lot for your business. But how do you create experiences so memorable that your guests spread the word? Exclusive member benefits give you the tools to recognize your most valuable customers and deliver the exceptional products and services that keep them coming back for more.

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Extend Your Brand

Share what you're all about with your guests! Create unique benefits associated with your most popular items, communicate new changes to your company, and connect with more guests.

High Touch Hospitality

Take orders anywhere your guests desire. With our Pocket and Phone Only POS, every front-of-house team members can take orders and secure payment from anywhere; on- and off-premises.

Higher Spend

My making the ordering and payment process fast and easy, you'll earn higher check averages. Happy guests return and spend more with you.

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