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Up-Level the Multi-Vendor Experience​​

Multi-Vendor locations require a careful balance of operator control and merchant/vendor flexibility. Learn how we help vendors achieve a unique brand presence and operators dramatically streamline operations.
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Simplify Multi-Vendor Operations & Guest Ordering

Flexible Payments

Efficiently process card payments right at the table or wherever your guests are located. Simply dip or tap the card to complete the payment.

Simplified Accounting

Out-of-the-box revenue sharing, roll-up reporting, house fees and payout holdbacks. Save accountants countless hours reconciling sales reports and transmitting payouts.

Sales Transparency

Payouts made directly to each vendor on a daily basis, including tips and taxes.Tips are automatically allocated to each vendor by percentage of sales and vendor fees can be automated to the parent location.

Self-Service Ordering

With labor shortages and high input costs, every multi-vendor operator is looking for efficiencies. Integrated mobile ordering & payment, GoTab Pass RFID integration and seamless point-of-sale help maximize labor and preserve profit.

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We are an experiential gathering place offering an incredible variety of food and drink in a lively atmosphere. As we continue to innovate and improve our eatertainment concept, we sought out a technology partner that would elevate the guest experience and improve day-to-day operations.

Camilo Rivera, GM, The Delegate
Susan Ganter

Owner of the Golden Mill

How Multi-Vendor Ordering and Payment Works

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    Recurring Invoices and Daily Remittances

    Automate recurring invoices to save valuable time; Includes subtotals, tips and auto-gratuity.

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    Lower Effective Cost

    Roaming tabs make it easy for guests to order and reorder on a single tab; reducing your processing fees.

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    Decentralized Management

    Get a centralized experience for your guests, while giving vendors/licensees the tools to run their business.

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    Fast Merchant Onboarding

    With no special software or hardware to implement, your vendors/licensees can get up and running in just a few days.

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Unified Experience - Individualized Control

Deliver an Amazon-like Experience

Guests can browse multiple vendor/licensee menus, order and pay, by scanning just a single QR.

Individually Customized

Each vendor can create their own menus and products; orders are routed to the respective vendors’ kitchen display system (KDS).

Revenue Sharing

Customize the revenue share across vendors based on different factors such as percentage of sales, fixed amounts, or tip share, and adjust it from vendor to vendor.

Rollup Reporting

View all vendors’ individual sales and revenue share through a single dashboard. GoTab aggregates it all at the parent level.

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Happiness Delivered - For Owners, Licensees and Guests

Vendors are empowered with access to their own product catalog and sales, while guests get a seamless ordering experience that keeps them coming back.

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Eliminate Multiple Lines

With so many ways to order and pay your guests won’t need to stand in multiple lines to order what they want.

Branded Menus

On-Premise and online ordering for all your vendors with ability to support pre-orders, catering, and take away.

Simplify Operations

No expensive monthly system costs required; launch new merchants with minimal effort.

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