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Guest Coursing Versatility

People value personalization in virtually every aspect of life and the hospitality experience is no exception. GoTab’s Guest Coursing gives guests the flexibility to personalize the coursing of items they order to their own unique desires. Servers can view and adjust Guest Coursing requests too.
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Improve Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty

Optimal for Fast Casual Dining Experiences

Whether it’s a tapas bar, a small plate concept, or a traditional full service dining experience, Guest Coursing allows your guests to pace their dishes to their liking.

Improve Order Accuracy

Guests who submit their own orders generate few chargebacks and order errors. With Guest Coursing, orders come out at the time they request, significantly reducing potential errors.

Enhance Guest Satisfaction

When guests take control of their ordering and coursing, your staff can invest their time in creating a human connection with your guests, and ensuring the highest quality of service.

Save Servers’ Time

With full control at their fingertips, servers can focus on communicating with guests and delivering the hospitality guests expect.

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“GoTab came to us at a time in which things were dire and we needed it not only financially but to keep people safe. Now that we’re moving on, it still allows guests to integrate themselves into the ordering process. It allows my staff to focus on service and product instead of just making it a financial transaction. It helps us monitor things on the event side, and so much more. It’s been an absolute game changer.”

Camilo Rivera, GM, The Delegate
Allan Schaeffer

General Manager, Broxton Brewery & Public House

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    Assign Courses to Items

    Guests can use default settings, or customize pre-assigned courses to their needs.

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    Pace Guests During their Experience

    Orders fire to the kitchen based on the customized course times set.

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    Adjust Guest Orders on the POS

    Whether the order is placed by a server on the POS, or a guest on their mobile device at the table, servers have easy access to adjust guest course changes and requests.

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    Let the GoTab KDS Do the Work!

    The kitchen display system adjusts firing to the kitchen based on the guests’ selections.

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Easy and Flexible Guest Coursing Control

Fast, Intuitive UI

Whether your server is using our station display, or adjusting orders tableside using our Handheld POS, the easy user interface is fast and responsive.

Maximum Flexibility

Diners in large parties or who are sampling many plates have unique coursing needs. That’s why we make it easy for servers to course items at the right for their table.

Increase Average Check Size

Nobody wants to wait for a meal, especially when they’re in a large party or tasting small plates. So when courses flow timely, your guests are far more likely to order more.

Works Seamlessly with Mobile Ordering

Your servers can course items that they place on the POS or items ordered by guests via QR code at the table, a uniquely powerful capability of the GoTab Restaurant Commerce Platform.

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Make Guests Even More Satisfied

GoTab’s Guest Coursing is the perfect next step to enabling guests to submit their orders and make payment on their device. Best of all, there’s no app to download or account to create.

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Scale with Reduced Labor

Handle reduced labor by giving power back to the guests and empowering them to place orders on their own.

Mobile Order & Pay

Incorporate multiple menus into your marketplace. Guests can conveniently order and explore them all.

Increase Revenue

More orders, less overhead. Frictionless ordering helps increase average check sizes while minimizing extra work for servers.

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