Elevate Experiences with GoTab's Country Club POS

Country clubs require a special touch for unparalleled member service. Our POS is custom-made to cater to the unique needs of these elite venues. Perfect for upscale dining, golf events, exclusive gatherings, or everyday member services, GoTab's Country Club POS is the solution for enhancing operations. It reimagines member experiences and sets higher benchmarks for guest service in your country club.

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Member-Centric Technology

Our Point of Sale platform is made to improve all parts of your country club's food and beverage service. From mobile ordering while playing golf, great service by the pool, or five-star service in your restaurant. We give you the tools to make unforgettable experiences that make your members keep coming back and feeling happy

Streamline Country Club Food & Beverage Ops

GoTab is the key to making things more efficient. Our Country Club POS system makes managing food and drinks at your country club smoother. It makes order taking, payment processing, getting tables ready for new guests, and working with your team easier. This helps your club operate more quickly, reduce mistakes, and appeal more to members, leading to country club excellence

Tailored Service for Your Members

GoTab gives country club managers the flexibility to run their operation in a way that best suits their venue: high-touch, self-service, or a hybrid approach. This flexibility not only saves on labor costs but also leads to higher sales per labor hour. GoTab venues boast an average labor cost percentage of 25.82% and generate an average of $83 in sales per labor hour, surpassing industry averages by more than 1.5X.

Enhanced Member Communication

GoTab's complete hospitality management system makes sure your front-of-house and back-of-house  teams communicate with each other. With features like two-way texting, you can easily chat with your country club staff and members directly from the Point of Sale .You can set up regular ways to send alerts, write special messages for each member, and safely keep track of all your talks in the GoTab system

Seamless Integrations

Our solutions are designed for easy integration with your country club's existing Point of Sale systems. Whether it's connecting the POS with your current reservation system, syncing data with your CRM, or simplifying membership management, we ensure a seamless fit into your operations.

Real-Time Reporting, Complete Transparency

GoTab's Product Mix feature gives managers the power to analyze sales and menu performance instantly. Get daily updates on sales and product mix, along with detailed data and reporting tools. Process refunds or close open tabs from anywhere, offering you complete control and transparency.

Responsive Kitchen Operations

Efficient kitchen management is essential for an excellent member experience at country clubs. GoTab collaborates closely with country club managers, connecting the front-of-house  to the back-of-house using our Kitchen Display System (KDS) and other management tools. The GoTab KDS combines the best methods in food preparation with smart process planning, offering features like advanced prep, grouping orders, and guides for serving dishes. This ensures that every member's order receives careful and precise attention

"It's easy to learn and get the hang of. Their customer service is outstanding. Someone is either online or gets back to you very quickly."

J Peter

Online Ordering at No Additional Cost

Our aim is to equip country club operators with the necessary tools and integrations to deliver a smooth, omnichannel experience for guests. That’s why we created GoTab's user friendly Online Ordering, which works perfectly with the GoTab POS and KDS systems. You can receive orders through your website, social media, emails, or any other platform where you engage with your members

Hardware Flexibility

While GoTab has a great selection of the best POS hardware, we know your country club might already have some POS equipment. Our cloud based system easily works with what you have now, giving you the choice you need. Whether you like our advanced devices or want to make your current equipment better, GoTab can change to fit exactly what you need for the best flexibility

Frequently Asked Questions

Do country club members have to pay to use GoTab?

No. GoTab charges a small convenience fee per transaction for QR orders. This fee can be covered by the merchant if preferable.

Do country club members need to download an app to pay a bill using GoTab?

No. Country Club members don’t have to download an app. Members can locate and pay by scanning a QR code. Upon checkout, they will be given the option of inputting credit card information to our secure website, or paying through a digital wallet such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Google Pay. Alternatively, members can order items and have them charged to house accounts.

How do country club members place an order through GoTab POS?

GoTab offers numerous payment methods for country club guests. Guests can scan a QR code using their smartphone’s camera. A notification will automatically display at the top of the screen. Once they click that notification, they will have access to the country club’s digital menu. With GoTab Pass, members can use your branded RFID card or bracelet to “tap to pay” at self-service beer walls and participating vendors. Lastly, guests can always place an order through the GoTab POS.

How do country club members receive their order?

The location at which country club members receive an order will vary depending on your specific setup. Delivery - When members scan the QR code on their table or seat and submit an order via GoTab, the server will know which location the order was placed from. Pickup - Your country club can designate a pickup location and text country club members when their order is ready for pickup.

How do country club members tip servers?

When country club members place an order using GoTab, a default tip can be automatically applied to the order. Members can also adjust the tip percentage on the payment information screen, however, some country clubs may choose to require a minimum tip (or service fee).

What are GoTab’s alcohol ordering policies for country club members?

In compliance with national, state, and local liquor laws, servers will not serve alcohol to underage guests. If ordering alcoholic beverages, guests should be prepared to show their server a valid ID. Underage members are still welcome to place orders for food or non-alcoholic beverages through GoTab!

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