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Maketto Restaurant
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Gregg Frazer, VP of Operations at Stone Brewing
“When you’re going to 100% digital ordering on premise, you not only made it better for the customer, that now does not have to get up and wait and wonder if they can get a server, they can. So you get more incremental revenue, they get a better experience, and in the process you’re changing your labor model. You’re getting better throughput."
Jolene Mannina, Owner of Vegas Test Kitchen
"With GoTab, I can easily and quickly do that. I find that once the tab is open, customers like to take charge of their order and add more items on their own. This hybrid service model is really working for us, and GoTab gives us the ability to adjust it anytime, and depending on what our guests prefer or are comfortable with."
Keem Hughley, Director of Sales at Maketto
"By turning our staff into a team of multi-faceted, customer service experts, we’ve given them the opportunity to learn more and grow in their position at Maketto. Instead of having 10-12 FOH people on the floor at once, we now have 5 people to ensure our guests have the best experience on-site. This also means our tip pool is smaller and so our staff earns more tips than they did in the past."
Zach Dimmitt, Food & Bev Director at Hilton Omaha
"We have been able to optimize our culinary operations and handle an exponentially higher volume of orders thanks to GoTab’s technology. This has led to robust sales and a 240% increase year-over-year in F&B revenue, which is truly a feature given the current global pandemic."
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