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Simplify Multi-Venue Ordering

Keeping tabs at a large food hall, or other multi-vendor concept has never been easier. With GoTab’s Roaming Tabs, guests can order as much as they like, from as many vendors as they like, then check-out once on a single tab.
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Bust Long Lines & Reduce Costs

Reduce Processing Fees

With a single check-out that combines multiple vendor food and drink orders you can significantly reduce your total card processing costs.

Reduce Ordering Lines

By consolidating check-out to a single tab, guests avoid multiple lines and spend more time enjoying their experience.

Amazon-like Simplicity

Guests simply add items to their shopping card, from any participating vendor, and the orders get expedited to the unique vendors’ KDS. One cart, one payment. It’s that simple.

Elevate Vendor Management

Payouts, including taxes and tips, are transferred to each vendor on a daily basis.

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We are an experiential gathering place offering an incredible variety of food and drink in a lively atmosphere. As we continue to innovate and improve our eatertainment concept, we sought out a technology partner that would elevate the guest experience and improve day-to-day operations.

Camilo Rivera, GM, The Delegate
Susan Ganter

Owner of the Golden Mill

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    Unified Menus

    With GoTab, your vendors get the benefits of a unified digital storefront - a marketplace - where they can share their food and beverage offerings, so guests get to see all that is on offer at their fingertips.

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    Simplified Technology Platform

    With Marketplace, the unified multi-vendor ordering platform, vendors get a simplified consistent set of tools for ordering, payment, and fulfillment. 

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    Loyalty Included

    Individual vendors get all of GoTab’s features to help generate new revenue streams and develop personalized, enticing guest offers. 

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    GoTab Payments-Enabled

    Leveraging GoTab’s powerful Mobile Ordering & Payment feature set, guests get all of the versatility of tab sharing and splitting, while operators get individual control of their menus and back-of-house operations.

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Seamless Guest Experiences for Food Halls & Other Multi-Vendor Locations

Centralized Reporting

Vendors get real-time access to their individual sales reports while owners and operations can access relevant vendor’s data to support their business operations.

Automated Payouts

With our automated vendor payouts, operators can avoid countless hours dedicated to accounting reconciliation and reporting.

Hybrid Service Models

No matter how vendors prefer to operate, the GoTab platform will support your needs, from counter service, to table-side ordering, to self-service orders at a pour wall.

Fully Compatible KDS

Vendors can easily customize their menus and support dine-in, take-out, delivery, merch sales and much more.

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All Orders, Across Vendors, on a Single Tab

With GoTab’s Roaming Tabs you can up-level the guest experience at your food hall or multi-vendor venue by offering guests the ability to shop and pay for all orders with a single check-out.

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Scale with Reduced Labor

Handle reduced labor by giving power back to the guests and empowering them to place orders on their own.

Mobile Order & Pay

Incorporate multiple menus into your marketplace. Guests can conveniently order and explore them all.

Increase Revenue

More orders, less overhead. Frictionless ordering helps increase average check sizes while minimizing extra work for servers.

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