The Complete Stadium POS to Power Your Fan Experience

Ensuring your fans have unforgettable experiences is our top priority. That's why we've developed a suite of Stadium POS solutions designed to meet the distinctive requirements of exceptional stadiums and entertainment venues. Whether it's for electrifying live events, immersive entertainment experiences, or the excitement of the big game, GoTab streamlines operations, redefines the guest experience, and establishes groundbreaking standards of service in your venue.

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Guest-Centric Stadium POS Technology

From seamless, contactless ordering and payment options to personalized promotions and real-time communication, we provide you with the tools to create lasting memories. By doing so, you'll increase average check totals, reduce service-related overhead, and ensure that your fans return to your venue time and time again.

Shared Tab Versatility

Enhance the stadium and entertainment experience by offering your guests unparalleled flexibility when it comes to their dining preferences. With GoTab, patrons can effortlessly share tabs on their mobile devices with fellow fans, making splitting bills a breeze. Gone are the days of separate checks or reimbursement concerns. Whether they choose to split the bill item by item, per person, or by a specific dollar amount, GoTab's Stadium POS gives complete control over their food and drink orders, ensuring a smooth experience for all.

In-Seat Ordering & Delivery

Experience the convenience of seamless ordering and delivery to the seat, the box, or the counter with GoTab. When an order is ready, our system empowers operators to effortlessly bring it directly to the guest’s seat or provide clear guidance on where they can conveniently pick it up. Premium stadium boxes can get a premium experience when you curate custom menus and offerings exclusive to your VIPs. Fans enjoy hassle-free service and ensure that their food and beverages are delivered precisely where they want them, enhancing their overall experience at your venue.

Fan Engagement

Our Stadium POS allows you to offer enticing discounts, create special menus, and deliver targeted marketing content tailored to specific types of fans and customers. Recognize and reward your dedicated season ticket holders and top VIPs with exclusive benefits and promotions, fostering a deeper connection and enhancing their loyalty to your venue.

Daily Vendor Payments

Providing a unified and consistent fan experience when offering  multiple merchants  can be a logistical nightmare. From managing revenue, tip sharing, and payouts, the GoTab platform automates it all. Real-time rollup reporting allows convenient access to sales and tab data for each merchant. It's a win-win for you and your vendors, ensuring that everyone gets their fair share without the headache.

Responsive Back of House Operations

Prompt, responsive service is the keystone of great guest experiences. That’s why we work collaboratively with venue operators  to connect the front-of-house with back-of-house through our kitchen display system (KDS) and kitchen management tools. 

Flexible Management

GoTab's Product Mix is indispensable, allowing vendors, merchants or managers to search for products and options. With this feature you can drill down to view your most successful menu sections or dive into specific categories to compare individual items or segmented sales. Our cloud-based platform gives you anytime access to daily sales and product mix summaries with full data and handy reporting tools. Managers can also view tabs, instantly refund or close open tabs from anywhere.

"Lots of features, lots of support, and lots of functionality. The company is constantly adding new features and improving, unlike the old legacy pos systems."

Jeremy M.

Manage Corporate Events with Ease

Enable deposits and invoicing, order minimums and more. With a single corporate event tab, host your guests without the hassle. Using GoTab Segments and Zones, corporate events managers can create unique experiences tailored to your guests’ preferences and the experiences they desire.

Two-Way Text Communication with Guests

We give you the tools to connect with your guests anywhere, anytime. Build repeat visits and attract new guests with special clubs, two-way communication, email marketing, and SMS. Two-way communication through our POS and KDS allows operators to clarify incoming orders, update customers on order status or make  substitutions quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Stadium Users Place an Order through GoTab?

GoTab offers numerous payment methods for stadium guests. Guests can scan a QR code using their smartphone’s camera. A notification will automatically display at the top of the screen. Once they click that notification, they will have access to the stadium merchant’s digital menu. With GoTab Pass, guests can use your branded RFID card or bracelet to “tap to pay” at self-service beer walls and participating merchants. Lastly, guests can always use counter service to place an order through the GoTab POS.

Do stadium guests have to pay to use GoTab?

No. GoTab charges a small convenience fee per transaction for QR orders. This fee can be covered by the merchant if preferable.

Do stadium guests need to download an app to pay a bill using GoTab?

No. Stadium guests don’t have to download an app. Guests can locate and pay by scanning a QR code. Upon checkout, they will be given the option of inputting credit card information to our secure website, or paying through a digital wallet such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Google Pay.

How do stadium guests tip servers?

When stadium guests place an order using GoTab, a default tip can be automatically applied to the order. Guests can also adjust the tip percentage on the payment information screen, however, some merchants may choose to require a minimum tip (or service fee).

How do stadium guests receive their order?

The location at which stadium guests receive an order will vary depending on the restaurant/bar. Delivery - When guests scan the QR code on their table or seat and submit an order via GoTab, the server will know which location the order was placed from. Pickup - Merchants can designate a pickup location and text stadium guests when their order is ready for pickup.

Do stadium guests have to pay to use GoTab?

No. GoTab charges a small convenience fee per transaction for QR orders. This fee can be covered by the merchant if preferable.

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