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Yahoo - GoTab Introduces the Pocket POS

GoTab, a leading hospitality commerce platform, today announced the launch of its Pocket Point-of-Sale (POS), an all-in-one, pocket-sized ordering and payment device designed for busy servers on the go.

Best Practices
Opening Guide to Restaurant Technology and POS Systems

‍When selecting the ideal technology for your restaurant, it’s essential to recognize that the hospitality industry is not one-size-fits-all. While some restaurant systems claim to be “end-to-end,” the reality is that each establishment has unique needs and priorities. The technologies offered by GoTab can benefit all operators, but the implementation priority should be based on which solutions will provide the most utility and deliver a swift return on investment for your specific restaurant operation.

News & Press
GoTab Announces the Launch of its Self-Ordering Kiosk

Hospitality commerce platform unveils new solution aimed at enhancing the guest experience, increasing order accuracy, and streamlining operations. Debuting at FSTEC September 13-15, 2023!

News & Press
GoTab Introduces the Pocket POS to Streamline Tableside Service and Enhance Operations

Hospitality commerce platform unveils fast and flexible solution for full-service restaurants; Debuting at FSTEC September 13-15

Best Practices
Tech Powered Hospitality

Hospitality GMs and Revenue Managers can sometimes get hamstrung by two issues: first, they laser focus on room revenue, ignoring the potential of ancillary revenue streams; next, they let the limitations of their legacy systems hinder their on-premise digital experience. In this paper we share effective strategies GMs and Revenue Managers are using today to bridge the gap between the limitations of their legacy tech and the increasing tech-inspired expectations of their guests. It starts by thinking beyond your current tech limitations and finding the right partnerships to bridge the gaps.

Best Practices
Elevate Your Food Hall - A Ordering and Marketing Playbook

In the dynamic world of food halls, staying ahead of the curve is essential. To thrive, you need to embrace the latest technology to streamline operations, enhance the guest experience, and maximize revenue. Additionally, savvy marketing is vital to attract, engage, and retain a loyal customer base. Let's dive into the tech-driven and marketing strategies that can take your food hall to the next level.

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