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Sell Gift Cards With GoTab

Reach your guests anywhere and drive cash flow with gift card sales. Allow your guests to share their favorite dining experiences with friends, family, and colleagues.
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Gift Cards Bring In New Guests & Boost Sales

No Merchant Fees

No transaction fees upon issuance or redemption.

Higher Spend

Guests tend to spend more when they are using a gift card and often choose higher ticketed items.

Customized To You

Digital cards are branded and sold directly through your website or social media accounts.

Streamline Payment

Digital cards can be uploaded directly to your account for payment, and physical gift cards can be used with just a tap.

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GoTab came to us at a time in which things were dire and we needed it not only financially but to keep people safe. Now that we’re moving on, it still allows guests to integrate themselves into the ordering process. It allows my staff to focus on service and product instead of just making it a financial transaction. It helps us monitor things on the event side, and so much more. It’s been an absolute game changer.

Camilo Rivera, GM, The Delegate
Allan Schaeffer

General Manager, Broxton Brewery & Public House

GoTab Gift Cards are Simple to Use

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    Purchase Gift Cards Effortlessly

    Guests purchase gift cards directly from your website or menu.

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    Use Online or In Store

    Guests can use gift cards online or in-store, and merge or transfer easily.

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    Redeem at Multiple Locations

    Gift cards are redeemable at multiple locations from the same restaurant group.

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    Balance Available in GoTab Profile

    Guests can use gift cards online or in-store, and merge or transfer easily.

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Feature Your Design

Feature Your Design

Order custom gift cards with your logo to showcase your brand!

Connect with New Guests

Let regulars share your brand! Gift cards let new guests try your product or new items.

E-Gift Cards

Upload your e-gift card directly to your account to view your balance and easily close your tab.

Increase Your Sales

Let guests spend money before their visit! Gift cards are a great way to boost sales on-site or online with minimal labor or additional fees.

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Gift Card Solutions for Your Business

We make it easy for your guests to share your hospitality with friends, colleagues and family members.

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Scale with Reduced Labor

Handle reduced labor by giving power back to the guests and empowering them to place orders on their own.

Mobile Order & Pay

Incorporate multiple menus into your marketplace. Guests can conveniently order and explore them all.

Increase Revenue

More orders, less overhead. Frictionless ordering helps increase average check sizes while minimizing extra work for servers.

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