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Allow Your Guests To Choose The Way They Want To Order

GoTab’s POS, KDS and Mobile Order & Payment is a perfect fit for your Full Service Restaurant. We give Full Service Restaurant operators the tools and processes to make ordering, payment, and fulfillment more guest-centric and efficient. Employee management and table management is made easier as operators can be more flexible with each member on the team being able to take on diverse duties.

The Flexibility Necessary To Focus More On The Guest Experience

  • EasyTab

    Re-order on a server/bartender started tab without having to make an account.

  • Guest Engagement

    Get first party data for a personalized guest experience.

  • Tab Management

    Both servers and guests can start or add to the tab at the same time.

  • Two-Way Text Communication

    Manage guest expectations, and tackle operational challenges with direct two-way communication.

By turning our staff into a team of multi-faceted, customer service experts, we’ve given them the opportunity to learn more and grow in their position at Maketto. Instead of having 10-12 FOH people on the floor at once, we now have 5 people to ensure our guests have the best experience on-site. This also means our tip pool is smaller and so our staff earns more tips than they did in the past.

Keem Hughley

Director of Sales at Maketto

Give Your Guests Options

Upgrade your dine-in experience with our powerful, easy-to-use Restaurant Commerce Platform. Have tech-savvy guests? Allow them to order on their own, freeing up your staff’s time to focus on great service and creating customer loyalty. Or continue to use the more traditional server-focused ordering and payment processes for guests who prefer tableside interactions.

Mobile Ordering & Payment

Point Of Sale System (POS)

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Tab Control

Shared tab control changes the game. Exclusive to GoTab, both guests, and servers can order, and with Easy Tab guests take their tab with them right from a counter or bar. Staff can make more money while focusing on experiences, not unnecessary work. 

Guest Split Payments

Guests can invite their friends to their tab and simplify the process of splitting the cost of meals. Pay for one item, multiple items or a dollar amount.

Seamless Transactions

Guests can easily pay using their digital wallet including Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Google Pay. 

Guest Engagement

Your guests are your guests. Segment your guests and market directly to them.

Real-time Menu Management

Custom branded menus with images or video and configured for your operations.

Accounting & Analytics

Transparent revenue reporting. Measure insights that matter most to your operation.

Coupons & Discounts

Keep your guests coming back for more with specials, coupons, discounts and seasonal offers.

Multi-Level Management

Customize pricing, descriptions, and even menu names at a brand, region or unit level.


Seamlessly manage in-store, online, and delivery revenue streams. Customize prompts by Zone for a fast, frictionless guest experience.

Solutions for Full Service Restaurants

Improve Guest Experience

Guests set the pace of their experience with frictionless, guest-centric ordering & payment technology. Guest segments support personalized experiences & increase loyalty. 

Increase Table Touches

Give servers the ability to check on guests and their needs in order to provide the ultimate guest experience.

Grow Revenue

Operators who use GoTab see on average of 30-50%higher check averages.  

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