Ghost Kitchens & Pop Ups

Run Ghost Kitchens, Pop Ups, and More with Contactless Technology

Have you ever thought about launching a second restaurant? Do you know you have the next best food trend, but just need a way to get it out to the world? With GoTab, your big idea can be reality with our fast, flexible technology. Use extra space in your kitchen to open a ghost kitchen, use our customizable system to launch a pop up overnight, and much more. The power is in your hands.

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Get Setup with No Extra Hardware

Set up a ghost kitchen that operates in your space with no extra hardware. Or, create a pop up restaurant without worrying about bulky technology burdens. With GoTab, you can customize your menus in real-time with photos, videos, and detailed descriptions. Track your sales and inventory directly from GoTab’s easy-to-use manager dashboard. We make it easy to communicate seamlessly with back-of-house staff through the GoTab Kitchen Display App[link]. The GoTab KDS alerts staff when an order is nearing its designated pickup time. Once your guests use GoTab, you can keep them informed with our two-way text communication.

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We wouldn’t be able to operate Vegas Test Kitchen without the help of GoTab’s technology. Not only was it a cost-effective and easy-to-set up solution for us to implement when we opened, but it also allows us to scale operations with less staff than we would normally need. I find that once the tab is open, customers like to take charge of their order and add more items on their own. 

– Jolene Maninna, Owner of Vegas Test Kitchen


Ghost Kitchen

  • Contactless Ordering & Payment
  • GoTab KDS & Printer Integration
  • Printed Packing Slips
  • Cloud Deployment
  • No Long-Term Contract or Monthly Fees
  • No App Download Required
  • Two-Way Text with Guests
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Customize your business

  • Use “GoTags” to organize your products and create an easy-to-use, sortable system for guests to browse. Guests can filter by tags like “Vegetarian,” “Vegan,” and “Gluten Free,” and more for an easy and safe dining experience.
  • Get real-time sales performance data with out-of-the-box reports for:
    • Sales Per Hour & Per Shift
    • Top Selling & High Margin Items
    • Product Mix (PMIX) 
    • Customer Feedback Ratings & Reviews
  • Apply up-to-date customer data to your marketing campaigns to segment most valuable customers and execute automated email marketing, digital media, paid social, and SMS campaigns for opted-in guests.
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