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Limitless Experiences with GoTab Pass

GoTab Pass utilizes RFID technology, offering a seamless and versatile experience for guests and operators in large events, self-service spaces, and multi-vendor locations, allowing freedom in ordering and relocating.
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Unlimited Flexibility

Real-Time Updates

When a guest initiates an order with a credit card, GoTab performs an automatic authorization, locking the funds equivalent to the outstanding balance.

Infinitely Flexible

With GoTab Zones, your only limits are your imagination. For example, create a pickup zone with custom settings for online orders, or automatically turn off menus in a certain Zone when service is limited.

Monetize Remote Locations

Ideal for venues with large outdoor or indoor spaces. Make those remote areas easier to serve using GoTab Zones.

Enhance Guest Satisfaction

When guests take control of their ordering and coursing, your staff can invest their time in creating a human connection with your guests, and ensuring the highest quality of service.

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Check out our GoTab Pass Feature Short video series to learn more about its incredible flexibility. We will dive into all the amazing ways the GoTab Pass can enhance your operation.

Camilo Rivera, GM, The Delegate

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    Issue Branded RFID Cards or Wristbands

    Guests receive a branded RFID card or wristband, serving as their digital identity within the GoTab Pass system.

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    Seamless Ordering, Payment, and Guest Services

    Utilizing the RFID technology, guests can easily initiate tabs, start pouring at self-pour walls, monitor tabs and spending, and access exclusive events with a simple tap or scan.

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    Real-time Tracking

    Easily view a groups tab to see their total and ordered items or break down sales data from an entire event. Operators benefit from real-time tracking of pours, spending, and a comprehensive view of each guest's activity and purchases.

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    Increased Sales, Satisfaction, and Reduced Waste

    Operators implementing GoTab Pass witness significant improvements, including a 45% increase in sales, 4 times faster check-ins, and up to 10 times less product waste. The single tab solution provides transparency with real-time tab amounts and hassle-free payment, contributing to higher guest satisfaction and reduced waste.

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Eatertain with GoTab

Let Guests Relocate

Guests are free to explore your venue and continue their order at their convenience at a new location, without flagging a server or closing tabs. Guests can select their new seat and continue ordering.

Smart Order Routing

Orders placed within specific Zones can be routed to the most efficient prep location for faster fulfillment. What’s more, order batching ensures orders placed from the same location within a given time window get fulfilled together.

Maximum Flexibility

Diners in large parties or who are sampling many plates have unique coursing needs. That’s why we make it easy for servers to course items at the right for their table.

Auto-Updates Balance

GoTab does the math so the total balance due is always accessible to review in real-time.

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Faster, More Efficient Operations

GoTab Pass focuses on that our operators need to run their large scale, multi-vendor, event-centric locations.

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Multi-Unit Businesses

Complete control and customization From the ability to localize menu descriptions and photos, to the flexibility to customize local prices. Manage it all through our integrated platform.

Entertainment Venues

Guests no longer need to rush to the concession stand to place an order. Each attendee can simply scan a QR code at their seat, submit their order and pay.

Communicate With Guests

Reach out to your guests in a way that best suits the situation. Use email marketing to share information with your contact list, use two-way texting to communicate about orders, or leave them a Notice on your menu.

Simplify Operations

No expensive monthly system costs required; launch new merchants with minimal effort.

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