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Leasecake is the industry-leading real estate and location management platform built for the restaurant and service-based retail industries. As the single source of truth for all lease and location information, Leasecake ensures you don't miss lease renewals, make incorrect rent payments, or face accounting non-compliance, protecting your investment. 

We believe managing your real estate should be simple and easy. Leasecake centralizes all location data and alerts you to critical events so you can focus on what matters when it matters, not the other way around.

Our easy-to-use platform stores all location data in one place, including leases, licenses, permits, assets, franchise agreements, contact information, important dates, and much more. With collaboration, tasks and auto-reminders, Leasecake helps multi-location operators and business owners stay on top of time-sensitive, mission-critical events, so they can save time, minimize risk, and better manage their growth.  

It's your one-stop-shop to manage your leases, locations, assets, contracts, accounting, and more. Enhance visibility into costs and obligations, empower negotiations and lower expenses. Leasecake goes beyond leases, tracking all dates, dollars, and documents to drive revenue growth.

Discover your all-in-one solution to minimize lease and location risks in a system that redefines simplicity.

Starting as low as $6 per location, per month.


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