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Preventing Losses, Safeguarding Revenue

One of the dirty secrets in many hospitality venues is that 1 to 2 percent of their top line revenue is actually lost due to failed transactions. It can be intentional fraud, where the guest takes proactive steps to avoid paying their check,  or unintentional, where through a variety of processes and credit card compliance issues payments aren't secured. Learn the key ways GoTab helps operators dramatically reduce these losses, all with minimal extra effort on the part of staff and managers:

0:00 - 0:52 Introduction

0:53 - 01:27 Fraud Detection for Takeout

01:28 - 2:45 EMV Compliant Payments

2:46 - 3:28 Improving Guest Experience and Reducing Risk with Digital Wallets

03:29 - 06:17 Insufficient Funds Protection

06:18 - 07:30 Cross Merchant Checks

07:31 Prioritizing Guest Experience

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