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GoTab and Ekos Integration

GoTab and Ekos Integration

Ekos helps craft beverage makers streamline inventory, production, sales, and accounting with one affordable business management software.

About the Integration

On a monthly basis, GoTab creates an Ekos Sales Order for tap room sales, whether it is for packaged products, kegs, or even bulk beer sold directly out of the bright tanks. This is all done through GoTab’s sophisticated built-in inventory models that allow modifiers to be associated with a quantity and unit of measure (UOM). GoTab automatically converts sales to volume sold so that breweries can analyze purely by beverage volume. As a result,  Ekos can more accurately pay excise taxes and deplete inventory on a volume basis–all in addition to the standard product mix approach.

With our new inventory capabilities, GoTab did not want to keep its breweries waiting any longer. To help our craft brewers move away from manual processes, GoTab built the connector for Ekos customers.  In the end, GoTab has you covered and will ensure that all data flows easily from GoTab back to Ekos, just like we help your beer to flow to customers!

As Ekos continues to build up their platform to help the craft beverage ecosystem, GoTab looks forward to Ekos’s future API integration offerings, so that our mutual customers can take full advantage of both platforms. 

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*Most states only require that excise taxes are paid on beer that is sold, and not on beer that is lost due to pour loss, shrinkage, or other. If you are paying taxes on beer that is brewed but not sold, then you are paying more taxes than you should be.

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