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GoTab employees having a beer.

Talking About GoTab

Here are a few ways to describe us – you can copy these descriptions directly or use them as a starting point for your story.

The GoTab Mission

At GoTab, we aim to address the substantial inefficiencies that have been a perennial challenge in the hospitality and retail industry which still persist even with the latest and greatest handheld point-of-sale (POS). All other systems in the space tend to focus on the POS but miss the point that hospitality is also a just-in-time factory. Whether it’s the inefficient use of labor because the operator can’t accurately predict demand or the annoying extra hoops a guest needs to wade through so they can order another drink or have a question answered. GoTab designs all our platform tools with the goal of empowering every guest and staff member with the autonomy and ability to make the most sensible, convenient choices for their scenario, with the appropriate controls.

For example, chefs working in the kitchen can quickly 86 unavailable food items from the Kitchen Display System, without having to play a game of telephone with servers and management to remove items on the POS. From a customer perspective, guests don’t have to wait for a server to stop by their table and can optionally order more through their mobile device whenever they like. This is a significant departure from the rest of the industry, which typically puts all operational decisions upon the general manager and all customer choices on the server. It’s clear from our operators’ results that our model improves their guest experience while increasing their efficiency and their profitability.

About GoTab

The GoTab platform is more than a point-of-sale (POS) system. GoTab helps restaurants, breweries, food halls, hotels, and other venues improve the guest experience and address substantial inefficiencies that continue to plague the hospitality and retail industry. Featuring a sophisticated POS that can optionally integrate with other popular POS and property management systems (PMS), GoTab also includes a robust bar and kitchen display system (KDS) with integrated two-way messaging to optimize operations and delivery. GoTab’s platform empowers every guest and staff member to make the most sensible, convenient choices for their scenario while maintaining appropriate controls.

GoTab creates measurable benefits for its operators, driving increased spend while reducing operating costs. GoTab operators’ guest spend per labor hour (SPLH) of $83 is 84% above the industry median. Moreover, GoTab operators spend an average of 14% less on labor than standard industry benchmarks typically adding an additional 4% to the bottom line.

Founded in 2016, GoTab processes over $500M in gross merchandise value (GMV) annually with operations across 39 U.S. states, Canada and growing.

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Key Benefits of Using GoTab

  • No proprietary hardware lock-ins
  • No app download required
  • Full e-commerce capabilities with no software to install
  • Easy to use mobile ordering and payment technology
  • Best of breed integrations with 7shifts, MarginEdge, Quickbooks, Schedulefly, OpenTable and more
  • Open tabs that can be added to or closed by guests and staff alike
  • 100% menu control with real time edits and flexible inventory management
Placing an order on mobile at CraftWorx Taproom.

Product Photos

Looking for photos of our product? We’re happy to help! Download some of our favorites with the link below.

Owners and operators of Ono Brewing

User Photos

We love our users – they are the heart and soul of our company. If you need a photo of GoTab in use, follow the link below.

Stone Brewing exterior view.

Venue Photos

We work with some amazing companies and their location can’t be beat. Follow the link below to see some of GoTab’s venues.

GoTab logos.

GoTab Logos

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