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Restaurant Commerce Platform

Where Hospitality and Technology Meet


Aggregate all your orders regardless of source; POS, online, and 3rd party systems.


Optimize your kitchen and bar management with smarter order batching from the GoTab KDS.


Organize all of your delivery methods from one system; pickup zones, efficient on or near premises running, planning and routing for driving, and 3rd party integrations.


Easily allow guests to be in control of their experience. Adding more to the tab quickly from their phone or in a hybrid approach with their servers.


Simplify the end of experience close out with a flexible payment flow. Payment should just be the side effect of coming in, not the focus.
Built for a world that changes day by day, shift by shift, GoTab’s Restaurant Commerce Platform is here to help you deliver hospitality and focus on what matters most. Conquer the complexities of your operations inside the four walls and beyond with our flexible, easy-to-use solutions.

Multiple revenue streams or dining areas? Our POS, contactless ordering, payment, and kitchen display systems (KDS) will increase your revenue, improve guest experiences and reduce costs. Use them all, or a blend of features that fits your business model.
New! Introducing EasyTab™ The simpler, softer way to introduce your guests to order, split and settle all on their own device.
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Our POS comes with tools you need to streamline on-premise and online ordering seamlessly into your systems, making your restaurant run smarter, faster and more profitable. The best part? Our award-winning support team that is available to you during all operating hours.

The Flexibility to Scale at Any Size

GoTab for omni-channel commerce and fulfillment flexibly fits all shapes and sizes of restaurants because of its open architecture and expanding partner ecosystem.
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50,000+ sq ft

$25M+ sales
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2,000 sq ft

$2M sales
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200-1,000 sq ft

$400K – $1M sales
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Small on Space but Not Ambition

Vegas Test Kitchen has created an innovative multi-concept restaurant that blends a commissary kitchen, pop-up venue, and restaurant where Chefs can test out new food concepts, train staff, or get their feet wet before opening their own space.

Mid-Sized and Full Service Experiences

Tackling more venue space with less staff? A “labor light” model empowers operators, like Stone Brewing, to focus less on the transactional aspects of hospitality and prioritize the other pieces that truly make the guest experience special.

Larger Venues Managing Complexity

GoTab adapted its flexible solution for restaurant contactless ordering and payment to support the Ridgewell food and beverage program at the U.S. Open Men’s Golf Championship. They teamed to support players, caddies, essential workers, and volunteers during the week-long event.

Open Ecosystem for Partnerships to Flourish

GoTab isn’t trying to be “the operating system” for a mid-market restaurant.

Instead, GoTab partners with best of breed solutions so that it can flexibly fit into most locations, allowing for a continued focus on the core real-time operational experience.