Shift Happens April 17 Webinar

Shift Happens is a webinar series that delves into the fast-paced evolution of hospitality service models and the cutting-edge technologies driving more efficient and profitable service experiences.

In this event, we talk to independent operators who every day are adapting to both new and old customer expectations, sometimes at the same time. They discuss the impacts of handheld devices in the restaurant – from the Pocket/Handheld POS to guest-driven service with QR codes and features like Easy Tab (QR-free guest ordering and payment).

Topics Discussed

How to train staff to address guests who are clearly not “feeling it” when it comes to QR ordering or self-service. What should the greeting look like? How do they gauge a guest’s ordering preferences?

How to use dynamic print routing and a Kitchen Display System to adapt to traffic surges and weather-driven service changes on the patio.

The nuances of check presentation when staff are using handheld devices; most guests don’t generally request a check copy nowadays; How handhelds impact customer intimacy (they generally do not); and, how these devices are reducing ticket and table turn times.

The imperative for speedy delivery and flawless execution when hybrid service models are put into place. Guests have higher expectations when they’re driving some of the service by placing their own orders instead of relying exclusively on table-side service. 

How changes in service fees, tip models, etc., in different geographic areas are impacting customer satisfaction and total staff compensation. 

Is the guy with the flip phone persuadable? Where we are in the evolution of guest experience and education to ensure operators have a proper balance that allows the careful balance of efficiency and hospitality. 

What does it mean when the rubber meets the road and the guest is fully enabled but you still need to keep your staff focused on experience?

How changing wage rates and regulations across the country impact how these operators will continue to evolve their service model. It’s a shifting paradigm from traditional steps of service and adding labor to solve every problem, versus how to leverage training, technology and new service models to adapt in smart ways.

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