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How We Started

How We Started

The idea for GoTab started when co-founder Tim McLaughlin started his first restaurant and brewery in 2015. Having spent the previous 15 years growing and successfully exiting a thriving e-commerce agency, Tim immediately saw areas where his new restaurant could improve operationally while maintaining their high quality of service. 

We identified four problems that better restaurant commerce technology could solve.

How to make it easier for guests to place an order, or reorder an item, without having to flag down a server or wait in line. Solving this problem could result in as much as a 30 percent increase in average cover. 

How to improve the communication between restaurant operators and their guests. Wouldn’t it make sense to be able to address guest issues while they’re still at the establishment.

How to avoid order errors that result in frustrated guests and servers and expensive chargebacks. When guests place their own orders, they’re far more likely to get them right.

How to give guests and servers systems that are inexpensive, functional and easy-to-use. For decades, the restaurant technology category has been dominated by costly, inflexible, hard-to-use systems that limit innovation and burden operators with long-term contracts and hidden costs.

So We Got To Work

GoTab launched in 2016 as a code on the receipt for mobile payment. In 2018, GoTab added on-premise mobile ordering leveraging QR codes. The pandemic dramatically accelerated adoption, as pretty much everyone recognizes and knows how to use QR codes today. Building from the massive adoption of QR-based ordering and payment, our platform now operates as an end-to-end restaurant commerce platform

Now, with support for all service models – full service, quick service, online ordering, curbside pickup and delivery – we help savvy operators optimize their front-of-house service models using cost effective, agile, contactless technology.

Our Purpose

GoTab is powered by dedication to our customers’ needs and wants. We hire people from diverse backgrounds who understand the industry, including restaurateurs, servers, teachers, and engineers. Our focus is supporting our clients by offering 24-hour support, listening to feedback, and recognizing our clients as co-creators of our product. We even apply this approach to our pricing model. We have simple, transaction based pricing, which means we only make money when our customers do. 

For the hospitality industry, this makes us unique. Our largest competitors lock their customers into long-term contracts, complicate and hide their fees, require monthly fees, and have punitive termination clauses. 

A Product-Led Organization

Our Values


Our work is our passion and we demonstrate attention to detail, pride and the highest quality behind every customer account and each company project we take on.


We believe in being honest with our customers and ourselves. We’re willing to be open, trustworthy and truthful in all company dealings.


Our clients rely on our ability to be creative, to think “outside the box”, and to deliver winning solutions. At GoTab, we question the status quo and strive to provide creative solutions to change and improve a mostly immutable industry.


Learning by failing is the way we grow. We aren’t afraid of failure if we’re innovating, learning, and moving forward. We push ourselves to try new things both personally and professionally, and share lessons learned with our peers.


No matter the level an individual is in our organization, we are a team. Effective, professional communication is critical in driving our business forward.

Our Memberships & Partnerships

Branded Strategic Hospitality

Branded Strategic Hospitality  is an investment and advisory platform at the intersection of hospitality, technology, innovation and capital. As experienced hospitality owners and operators, Branded brings value to its partner companies through investment, strategic counsel, and its deep industry expertise and connections.


California Craft Brewers Association

California Craft Brewers Association

The CCBA provides a broad realm of services to its members in the craft brewing community, including addressing critical business and supply issues and offering gatherings and events to help foster communication and education among our family of brewers and allied trade network. The CCBA’s initiatives and activities promote and protect the growth of the craft brewing industry in California. 

Children of Restaurant Employees

The Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE) organization provides financial relief when a food and beverage employee with children faces a health crisis, injury, death or natural disaster. 

Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association

Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association is Florida’s premier non-profit hospitality industry trade association. The association’s mission is to protect, educate and promote Florida’s $111.7 billion hospitality industry which represents 1.5 million employees.

Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington

The Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) is the regional trade association representing restaurants and the foodservice industry in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. The Association works to promote and sustain the growth and development of the industry while providing its members legislative and regulatory representation, marketing and small business support, programming, and events. 

RSPA logo

Retail Solutions Providers Association

RSPA is North America’s largest community of value-added resellers, software developers, vendors, and distributors in the retail, restaurant, grocery, and cannabis verticals. We’re a fit for any organization that’s serious about growth in those markets. Many companies have been members for decades – and we frequently add startup tech companies – because we accelerate their growth and they see the massive ROI RSPA membership offers.

Texas Craft Brewers Guild

Texas Craft Brewers Guild

The Texas Craft Brewers Guild is a Board of Directors led organization that represents the interests of Texas craft brewers. The members of the board hail from craft breweries in all the major metropolitan regions of the state, as well as from different brewery types and sizes. Large craft breweries, small self-distributed craft breweries and brewpubs each have one or more advocates on the board, looking out for their interests.

Texas Restaurant Association

Texas Restaurant Association

Established in 1994 by the Texas Restaurant Association, the TRA Education Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on providing the necessary resources to help restaurateurs confront educational and labor challenges with the latest innovations in education, technology, and training.

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