Guest Engagement

More Ways To Connect With Your Guests

One solution to connect with your guests, wherever they are. Build repeat visits and attract new guests with segments, two-way communication, and email marketing powered by Klayvio.

GoTab Helps You Reach Your Guests

  • Segments

    Anticipate the needs of your guests and reduce guesswork with notices or emails catered specifically to them.

  • Loyalty

    Create a MugClub and offer special menus and coupons to your VIP guests.

  • Two-Way Communication

    Manage guest expectations, and tackle operational challenges with direct two-way communication.

  • Email Marketing

    Create drip campaigns with Klayvio. Maximize your marketing efforts quickly and easily.

With GoTab, I can easily and quickly do that. I find that once the tab is open, customers like to take charge of their order and add more items on their own. This hybrid service model is really working for us, and GoTab gives us the ability to adjust it anytime, and depending on what our guests prefer or are comfortable with.
vegas test kitchen logo
Jolene Mannina
Owner of Vegas Test Kitchen
“With GoTab, our guests can experience the fresh, classic BBQ known to this area without the long lines. So many families and groups dine with us, and now they can enjoy their experience and leave whenever they want to– a complete game changer for us. Plus, with real-time analytics, we can manage our plate cost and continue to offer high-quality ingredients we are proud of amid increased food costs.”
Kent Birdwell
Owner at The Blue Pig

Own Your Guest Relationships

GoTab is committed to being an Open Data platform. Your guest data is yours. Deepen your relationship with guests and grow your business.



Enroll your customers in segments to create special rules, discounts, and notices based on the group. Easily manage the customers that fall into the group and send marketing emails powered by email and SMS marketing tools like Klaviyo.

Integrated Email Marketing

With our integration with Klayvio, customer data flows from GoTab directly into Klayvio.  Email customers with special custom to them.

Coupons & Discounts

Keep your guests coming back for more with specials, coupons, discounts and seasonal offers.


Order rules allow you to set up various discounts and promotions that can be displayed or used based on various conditions. Use Notices integrated into your menu to highlight promotions, communicate any updates, or simply thank your guests for dining at your establishment.

Two-Way Text

With two-way SMS text communication, your guests are always kept informed. You can send pre-written texts or a personalized message. Help clarify incoming orders or update customers on their prep times and order status quickly and efficiently.

Extend your brand to more guests with easy-to-use e-gift cards.

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