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According to Technavio, “the ready-to-eat food market will grow globally by $71.69 billion between 2021 and 2026, largely due to a restored appetite for in-person activities, a surplus of commercial real estate, and generous funding.” 1

GoTab is always innovating, solving real-world problems for multi-operator locations that are looking for easier management, transparency and consistency. They want to provide guests with streamlined ordering and payment so that their guests spend more and are eager to come back for more. At the same time, they know their merchants want to be able to easily customize and update their online menus and receive timely payouts.

With GoTab for Multi-Operator Locations,  food halls, festivals, stadiums, entertainment venues and more get GoTab’s full restaurant commerce platform capabilities, with unique features to streamline their operations. From individualized merchant-level menu management, to kitchen management and reporting, to daily payouts, including taxes and tips, merchants get everything they need to serve guests and operate with ease.

For Multi-Operator Location Owners:  Deliver an integrated ordering experience for guests while simplifying payouts to your vendors. Sales percentage allocation, including any vendor fees, are also automated to you.

For Merchants/Vendors: Get real-time access to sales reporting. Receive daily payouts, including taxes and tips. Retain complete control of your menu and brand messaging.

For Guests: Scan, order and pay all from one unified QR code showcasing all of the vendors. A seamless experience.

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Modify Your Service Model

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Contactless Ordering, Shared Tabs, and Flexible Payment

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Point of Sale (POS) That Is Designed for Delivery TM

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Host Display App to Simplify Payments

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A Smarter Kitchen Display System (KDS)

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Efficient Operations With the Manager Dashboard

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GoTab APi

Staying Connected With GoTab Integrations

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