GoTab Brings Contactless Technology to the 2020 U.S. Open Men’s Golf Championship at Winged Foot Golf Club

As pandemic restrictions were implemented in March 2020, D.C.-based catering company Ridgewells Catering pivoted quickly. Ridgewells sought a partner that could get the company’s new at-home meal concept, Ridgewells Eats, online fast. That’s when GoTab became a key partner for the Ridgewells team. GoTab provided an easy-to-use platform to sell a new line of meal options for takeout and delivery.

Evolving the platform for food and beverage service at a major golf championship

Fast forward to September 2020. With many restrictions still in place, Ridgewells, the exclusive caterer for the U.S. Open Men’s Golf Championship, saw an opportunity. They looked to enhance the ‘fanless’ experience at the championship at Winged Foot Golf Club with GoTab.

GoTab adapted its flexible solution for restaurant contactless ordering and payment. GoTab supported Ridgewells’ food and beverage program at this world-renowned major sporting event.  They teamed to support players, caddies, essential workers and volunteers during the week-long event.

Supporting On-site Ordering, Pre-Ordering & In-Seat Ordering

Ridgewells used the GoTab platform for three experiences at the U.S. Open:

  • On-site ordering and pickup at The Player Grill; a service for players and their caddies to pre-order meals
  • Pre-order and on-site ordering for vendors working the event
  • Contactless, in-seat ordering for table service at the Winged Foot Golf Club outdoor area

The partnership proved to be successful for both GoTab and Ridgewells. It added a great deal of value to the hospitality spaces serviced by the Ridgewells team. They found that the vendors that embraced GoTab quickly became repeat customers. They really appreciated how easy it was to place orders without having to download an app.

Excited to bring its contactless technology into a different environment, GoTab deployed new features such as zero dollar ordering.

Customizing the Platform for Ridgewells’ Unique Needs

The success of this first-time partnership can really be attributed to GoTab’s ability to be flexible and react quickly to developmental changes. -Megan Zebrak, General Manager, Major Events Division at Ridgewells

“The team was easy to work with, responsive and extremely receptive to feedback. Their willingness to customize the platform’s features for our specific needs allowed our team to deliver an added value experience. We were able to thoroughly vet the technology for future use at other major events with Ridgewells.”

This unique partnership with Ridgewells proves that GoTab’s features can easily expand beyond the traditional hospitality space. GoTab makes a true difference in a wide range of setups and venues.