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Handheld POS

Manage Checks Everywhere

Manage Checks Everywhere

We’ve bundled all the features of our popular all-in-one point-of-sale system into a pocket-sized Handheld POS that serves all your guests’ needs. Staff can place orders, view open and closed tabs, take payment and so much more. Use our Handheld POS in high-volume, high-traffic establishments like large restaurants, food halls, sports and entertainment venues, i.e., anywhere you have limited staff coverage or want to improve staff response times.

Comp, Void, Refund and Discount at The Table

Your mobile POS is a perfect complement to our Restaurant Commerce Platform because it works seamlessly with GoTab Mobile Ordering & Payment and Restaurant POS system. It allows staff the freedom to move about and serve your guests efficiently, while saving countless steps. For guests who prefer Mobile Ordering and Payment, our Handheld POS lets staff work with mobile orders the same as orders submitted through the POS. 

You’ll speed up service and give staff the much-needed flexibility to address guests’ needs in-the-moment. Staff can use the Handheld POS to take orders and process all forms of payment, right at the table. No more walking back and forth to a POS station, or waiting in line for their turn to ring orders or payments, your staff get to focus on the guest experience. Unlike legacy POS systems that make large parties and events a chore, servers using the GoTab Handheld POS can effortlessly split, move, and merge guest tabs on-the-fly. 

Pre Auth and Start Checks Tableside

Pre-Auth and Start Checks at the Table

Using the Handheld POS, staff can order anything from the menu by starting a new tab or adding onto an existing tab. They can authorize new tabs directly from the device to ensure a payment is always attached to a tab. They can search and browse for menu items the same way as they can on our stationary POS. They can also use the GoTab mobile POS app settings to change menu views associated with respective spots/locations within your venue. 

Full Payments Flexibility

Full Payments Flexibility

Staff can accept all payment forms directly at the table. No need to have physical cash drawers to accept cash. They can also easily accept contactless tap-to-pay using a standard credit or debit card or GoTab Pass RFID cards or wristbands.

Sales Data & Reporting

Manage Products and View Sales Reports

Staff get access to all of the information they need, right from the Handheld POS. They can retrieve full sales metrics on the handheld device. And with full product management flexibility, they can even adjust inventory levels, 86 items, or set product delays without having to go through a time-consuming system update. It’s all available right in the Handheld POS.

Admin Features - Handheld POS

Built-in Administrative Features

With the GoTab Handheld POS, staff can clock in/out, send and place new orders, pre-authorize credit cards, accept all payment types (contactless tap to pay; card, cash, event deposits, etc.), menu management (86 & disable items; set product delays), inventory management.

GoTab Helps You Run Lean, Profitable Operations

  • Reduce Costs

    GoTab operators improve labor efficiency by up to 30-50%. Reduce errors and voids with shared tab control and smart kitchen management. GoTab offers competitive, transaction-based processing fees.

  • Grow Revenue

    Operators who use GoTab see on average 20% higher tips, 35-50% higher check averages, and 25% faster table turns. Make your operation stronger, and tackle staffing challenges.

  • Improve Guest Experience

    Guests set the pace of their experience with frictionless, guest-centric ordering & payment technology. No need to close and reopen tabs multiple times during one experience.

  • Fast & Flexibile

    Shared tab control changes the game. Exclusive to GoTab, both guests, and servers can order or pay at any time. Real-time updates means you can adapt as quickly as your shift changes.

By providing such an easy and straightforward access to performance indicators and sales data, the GoTab POS allows us to make swift operational changes that have an immediate impact on our bottom line.

Jennifer Zamora

General Manager

Unmatched Convenience

Staff no longer need to walk back & forth between a stationary POS and the guest. Easily comp/void, add discounts, services fees & more all from the handheld device. Access all the features of the full GoTab Restaurant POS.

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Improve Guest Experiences

GoTab helps operators create more positive, profitable experiences, specifically in restaurants with multiple dining areas and who cater to large groups or events.

Using Easy Tab, staff can open a mobile tab for a guest at the counter. Guests can then place mobile orders on that tab from the table without having to input any account information.

Together, Easy Tab and the Handheld POS provides operators maximum flexibility to take orders and respond to guests’ in-the-moment needs.

Payment Flexibility

With the GoTab Handheld POS, staff can accept all payment types with options for every scenario:

Tab Control

Shared tab control changes the game. Exclusive to GoTab, both guests, and servers can order, and with Easy Tab guests take their tab with them right from a counter or bar. Staff can make more money while focusing on experiences, not unnecessary work. 

All-In-One POS For Your Business Needs

We give Full Service Restaurant operators the tools and processes to make ordering, payment, and fulfillment more guest-centric and efficient. 

Guests no longer need to rush to the concession stand to place an order. Each attendee can simply scan a QR code at their seat, submit their order and pay.

Complete control and customization From the ability to localize menu descriptions and photos, to the flexibility to customize local prices. Manage it all through our integrated platform.

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