• HR, Labor Management and Tip Tracking

Simplify Team Management & Time Clocking

With the GoTab and the 7shifts 7punches integration, restaurant staff can utilize 7punches directly from the GoTab Point-of-Sale (POS); operators can seamlessly switch between GoTab and 7punches. By enabling easier access to 7punches, operators can simplify time clocking with a mobile time clock that makes payroll a breeze. Daily sales will be uploaded to 7shifts for data comparison and tip pooling accuracy. GoTab and 7punches work in tandem to simplify team management and improve performance for restaurants, freeing up time for managers to focus on serving their customers.


GoTab empowers consumers with mobile ordering & payment technology that puts them in control of their dining experience. GoTab operators can run lean, profitable hospitality operations with easy-to-use restaurant commerce tools. With mobile ordering, mobile payment, and all-in-one POS, GoTab streamlines hospitality operations for consumers and operators.


7punches is a companion to 7shifts. 7punches is designed to help restaurateurs manage scheduling, payroll, and attendance like a pro, and to help staff quickly and easily punch in and out for their shifts.

Operators Gain Access To:

• Tip Management and Distribution

• Break Compliance (California)

• Efficient Scheduling & Schedule Enforcement

• Regional Labor Compliance

• Geofencing• Daily Sales & Labor Reporting

• Increased Clock-in Accuracy


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