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Build Loyalty & Customer Relationships

With the GoTab and inKind integration guests can seamlessly redeem their inKind food and beverage credit at restaurants that use GoTab. When they are ready to close their tab and submit payment, they can choose to use their inKind credit through GoTab’s mobile ordering and payment platform. Operators can also be notified when a House Account holder walks in or places a takeout/delivery order, allowing operators to provide a personalized and attentive experience for them.


GoTab empowers consumers with contactless technology that puts them in control of their dining experience. GoTab operators run lean, profitable hospitality operations with easy-to-use restaurant commerce tools. With contactless ordering, contactless payment, and all-in-one POS, GoTab streamlines hospitality operations for consumers and operators.


How It Works

• inKind purchases food & beverage credit from restaurants and then sells it to consumers as high dollar digital gift cards known as House Accounts.

• The only cost to operators is the cost of goods as guests redeem their credit.

Freedom In Spending

• inKind funding is nonrestrictive, meaning once funded you are able to use funds to expand your operations, upgrade equipment, pay off loans, and other needs you may have.

Increase In Sales & Visits

• Increase check sizes by 80% and customer visits by 2.5x for House Account holders. Guests are encouraged to prepay for 10+ future visits — the more they purchase, the more bonus credit they receive.


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