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GoTab and inKind Integration

GoTab and inKind Integration​

InKind is a best-of-breed technology partner GoTab is tapping into, with both platforms created by restaurateurs and united by a common belief in the power of food and hospitality to improve people’s lives.

About the Integration

Through this integration, restaurants can leverage inKind’s House Accounts – high-dollar gift vouchers for food and beverage credit that build loyalty and further enhance customer relationships – while processing payments through GoTab’s restaurant commerce platform.

InKind’s unique model gives operators funding upfront, with marketing support to build an engaged customer base and solidify each restaurant’s relationship with its customers. Paired with GoTab’s affordable cloud-based platform, and its native tab features, inKind’s innovative tech and financing solutions set up independent businesses for success and open up access to new revenue streams.

The integration allows guests to seamlessly redeem their inKind food and beverage credit at restaurants that use GoTab. When they are ready to close their tab and submit payment, they can choose to use their inKind credit through GoTab’s contactless ordering and payment platform. Operators can also be notified when a House Account holder walks in or places a takeout/delivery order, allowing operators to provide a personalized and attentive experience for them. 

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