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Marqii helps restaurants get found online through easy-to-use and always up-to-date listings, menus, and review management. GoTab is the restaurant commerce platform designed to drive higher check averages and guest satisfaction with in-store mobile order & pay, all-in-one POS and industry-leading kitchen display system. With GoTab and Marqii, you can ensure your restaurant gets chosen by more guests searching online for where to eat their next meal, and enable a seamless customer journey that includes service at the speed and volume of what your guests expect.


GoTab empowers guests with one-of-its-kind mobile order & pay-at-table technology that puts them in control of their dining experience. GoTab operators generate an average 28% increase insales, 30% reduction in operating costs (due to labor efficiency & reduced waste) and an 8% increase in net margin, all while delivering higher guest satisfaction.


Take Control

• 43% of businesses in the US have at least one incorrect or missing address across directories. Control the way your business information is displayed online across search engines, social networks, apps, maps, and more.

Save Time

• Marquii users save an average of 7hours each time they update their hours or menus across 80 online listings publishers, compared to making manual updates.

Drive More Traffic

• 4 in 5 local mobile searches result in a purchase. Drive more customers to your doorstep and convert local visitors into loyal customers.


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