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Simplify Your Reservation Data

With the GoTab and OpenTable integration, the core information restaurants need to run an efficient floor is streamlined and communicated in real time. Connect tables and reservation data with checks on the GoTab POS for a smoother-running, faster-turning front-of-house. Get valuable insights into your guests’ spending, update table status, and highlight revenue from each diner.


GoTab operators can run lean, profitable hospitality operations with easy-to-use restaurant commerce tools. The GoTab cloud-based POS brings your business tab versatility, seamless ordering, and payments. Guest-friendly. Server friendly. Restaurant-savvy.

With GoTab and OpenTable, restaurants will benefit from:

• Improved table turnaround times with realtime updates. Know the status of every table.

• Automated check creation once a meal is completed.

• Real-time access to information from past visits including average spend, previous order details, and more. This allows staff to provide a more personalized experience.

• Interactive reports that are available anytime, anywhere, giving restaurateurs real-time access to performance, revenue, and more.

"This integration brings exciting possibilities for restaurants, providing us with valuable insights into our guests’ spend, helping us manage our tables more effectively and getting real-time notifications when spend thresholds are reached. We can now provide our guests with even better service, making sure their experience at Stone Brewing is unforgettable. We’re excited about the future possibilities of this integration and the enhanced experience it brings to our guests."

— Allison Lawley, Director of Hospitality Operations at Stone Brewing


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