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The Industry’s First and Only End-to-End Solution for Tip Distribution

Exclusive offer: Tiphaus is pleased to extend a 25% discount to all GoTab clients who initiate our integration prior to December 31st, 2023!

TipHaus lets you ditch the spreadsheets and late office hours by automating your entire tip process. By integrating directly with GoTab, TipHaus automatically calculates and distributes tips according to each restaurant’s specific needs and goals, eliminating tip-based errors, fraud, and legal complications.


With the GoTab and TipHaus integration, your restaurant's financial operations are made simple and easy. This partnership not only simplifies complex calculations and workflows but also enhances time management and reduces errors, freeing up time so you can focus on running your restaurant. 

Join the thousands of restaurants, bars, and hotels benefiting from 20+ hours saved monthly and a 95% reduction in financial disputes between managers and employees. Together, TipHaus and GoTab simplify complex service experiences, making the entire cycle from start to finish a reliable and user-friendly experience for everyone - guests, employees, and managers.


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