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Take Control of Your Online Ordering

When guests order takeout or delivery directly from you with GoTab’s Online Ordering, you get two benefits: you own guest communication and can take full control of service quality. What’s more, you can eliminate third-party commissions and increase your profit margin. GoTab lets you accept orders right from your website, social media channels, email or anywhere you connect with your guests.

The Convenience You Need Without Compromising Service

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Real-Time Menu Management
Make on-the-fly menu updates at the tip of your fingers.
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Reduce 3rd Party Delivery Fees
Restaurants are able to create their own online ordering platform and delivery systems.
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Two Way Text Communication
Manage guest expectations, and tackle operational challenges with direct two-way communication.
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Guest Loyalty
Get first party data for a personalized guest experience.
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“As in-person interaction was limited, having the ability to connect with our customers via text messages was key. We also used two-way text communications to remind everyone to place their orders on Friday mornings, and texting is where we saw the highest conversion rate.”

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Adam Greenberg
Owner of Bagels 'n Grinds

“With GoTab, our guests can experience the fresh, classic BBQ known to this area without the long lines. So many families and groups dine with us, and now they can enjoy their experience and leave whenever they want to– a complete game changer for us. Plus, with real-time analytics, we can manage our plate cost and continue to offer high-quality ingredients we are proud of amid increased food costs.”

Image of the blue pig location
Kent Birdwell
Owner at The Blue Pig

Offer Takeout and Delivery directly to your guests with GoTab Online Ordering

Reduce errors, say goodbye to manual entry. POS-integrated Online Ordering streamlines the steps of service between your guests and your kitchen.

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Mobile Ordering & Payment

  • Guests can browse branded menus, and order with no app required.
  • Guests can make allergy and dietary modifications for accuracy everytime.
  • Digital payment is fast, easy and secure. Your sales grow while you reduce order errors and wait times.
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Kitchen Display System (KDS)

  • The GoTab KDS is built to work seamlessly with our Mobile Order & Payment system.
  • Optimize front-of-house and back-of-house operations with our KDS to keep your online ordering quick and efficient.
  • Real-time Product Mix and Sales analytics keep you on the fast track.

Real-time Menu Management

Real-time Menu Management
Set up menus tailored to your restaurant or venue. Manage your GoTags to tag menu items. Upload menu item images and media to create visually engaging menus. Quickly 86 and disable items as needed.

Two Way Text Communication

Image of two way communication with guest via the KDS
With two-way text communication, you can respond to guest feedback in real-time, straight from the KDS. You can send boilerplate texts or personalize your messaging. Help clarify incoming orders or update customers on their prep times and order status quickly and efficiently.

First-Party Delivery

First Party Ordering with Zones
No more paying third-party delivery fees. With GoTab’s POS integration, you can create your own online ordering platform and delivery systems. Geofencing of delivery areas and delivery address verification through Google Maps API allow you to optimize driver routes by time or distance.


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Enroll your customers in segments to create special rules, discounts, and notices based on the group. Easily manage the customers that fall into the group and send marketing emails powered by email and SMS marketing tools like Klaviyo.


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Set guest expectations. Display how long an item may take, and display custom delays when you are busy. Easily enable coupons or discounts on backed-up items or whole orders to accommodate your guests.

Product Mix

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Dig deeper into your product catalog and see what has been popular or what to feature for a promotion. View key data including: product quantities, sales totals, and refunded amounts.


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Order rules allow you to set up various discounts and promotions that can be displayed or used based on various conditions. Use Notices integrated into your menu to highlight promotions, communicate any updates, or simply thank your guests for dining at your establishment.

Solutions for Online Ordering

Control Your Brand

Enjoy flexibility and control over how your guests experience your menu. Set up daily, seasonal, and special event menus based on your business needs.
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Improve The Experience

GoTab is committed to being an Open Data platform. Your guest data is yours. Deepen your relationship with guests and grow your business.
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Reduce Costs

GoTab operators improve labor efficiency by up to 30-50%. Reduce errors and voids with shared tab control and smart kitchen management.
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